Historical Silver Coins – Are they good to stack & collect? | British Silver Half Crowns

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=CNc_Ihzv34o

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20 thoughts on “Historical Silver Coins – Are they good to stack & collect? | British Silver Half Crowns

  1. Interesting how the lettering also changed, from Queen of the British to IND IMP (empress of India). Also a mere 8 of those would have been equal to one gold sovereign!!!!

  2. Loved this video. Thanks for sharing! My treasure chest of 50% British ‘jank’ is now totally full. I can barely lift it! Hurt my back once doing it wrongly, haha. Proper treasure, that.

  3. I love half crowns. Of all my silver they are my favourites. I like the intricate designs, beauty and history. I started stacking some last year and also buy the odd “date” coin with a higher price.

  4. I bought a very worn Victorian 1880 half crown for about $27 from a dealer here in Manila. It is overpriced but these coins are rare to come by here in the Philippines. So I bought it. I use it to enjoy and is one my coins that I can fondle anytime for fun. Overpriced but fun I guess.

  5. I was thinking it would be good if you done a video on silver coins that where used as money….and here it is.👌🏽😎

  6. Hi just gave you a sub. I’m new to all this. Was it you that said if you spend over £250 they send you a free round.
    Thanks paul

  7. Just got my first Half Crown from the beach in Norfolk, 1924. Unfortunately a little bit pitted but still good after a clean. (Citric acid, then baking soda to neutralize the acid). Been metal detecting a little bit since the lockdown.

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