Heroes of Repair – IRD Duhallow Furniture Revamp (Ireland)

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=hKbWrNWgKBQ

Everyday, people decide to move away from the throw-away society and go for quality and durability instead, with one key point: repairability! Our heroes of repair come from all over the world. Today we visit IRD Duhallow Furniture Revamp, in Ireland, to learn more about their upcycling work. They provide their community with affordable and sustainable furniture.Join the Right to Repair revolution! https://repair.eu/news/heroes-of-repair/ Read more about our work on the Right to Repair: https://eeb.org/stand-up-for-peoples-right-to-repair/ Right to Repair EU campaign: https://repair.eu/ Climate of Change project: https://climateofchange.info/ This video was made possible thanks to the support of the Climate of Change project, building a better future both for climate induced migrants and young people who will face the worst effects of the climate crisis.#ClimateOfChange #RightToRepair #Repair #ClimateChange #CircularEconomy

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