Here Amongst the Bluebells – a Poem for Mayday in Lockdown

Image close up of early purple orchid in bluebells

It’s Mayday 2020.

We’re stuck in lockdown and the world is discombobulated beyond most of our wildest imaginings.

Nature doesn’t care though – the bluebells have bloomed as normal, even up here in Northumberland, and I am reminded of a poem I wrote back in 2016, in the tranquility of a Cotswold woodland near my parents’ home.

Over the years I’ve entered many poetry competitions (to no avail!) and have never published a self-written poem on the blog before. I figure there’s not much to lose at the moment so, if you’re missing the woods or the bluebells, or your soul or quiet time in nature, this may or may not be for you! Here goes nothing…


Here amongst the bluebells


Here amongst the Bluebells…

…the world seems still. Stopped.

And atop this wild cathedra,

I feel stopped, at pause.

Elated, warm, at ease.


The birds sing out a torrent,

Through this ancient vault of trees,

Sunlight pours contentment,

Cloaked in chorus on the breeze.

Nature spreads her joyful play,

Ahead and all around,

Instilling true and total peace,

Through silence cloaked in sound.


A sort of unity with air,

The world so thus enclosed,

Abundant nothingness, deep-filled,

With quiet life distilled.


They nod consent, (the Bluebells!),

To this idle joy; to love.

They shine in quiet piety,

Truth chiming in each bud.

Each silent ring,

(Or whatever other spell they deem to conjure),

Reveals, re-fuels, ignites the soul,

Restores the faith deep under.


With still-stopped warmth in nature’s pause,

Elation wriggles free.

Delicate, stealthy, forceful,

Joy-filled dancing, buoyant peace.

A craving soul, a lovelorn heart,

Finds solace and release.

Am I enjoying myself?

I am.

In joy in myself, within myself….

…..amongst the bells of blue?

– I am!


Lucy Holmes 

Wild wishes to you all for a merry Mayday! May your bluebells be many, your soul-song ring wildly and your lockdown fly swiftly.

An orchid amongst the bluebells – Early Purple?

Northumberland readers, the NSPCC bluebell walk at Ratcheugh Crag (24th May this year) may be happening virtually, so keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Read about our Mum and Daughter day at the bluebell walk a couple of years ago, complete with chocolate cake and body boarding at the beach!

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