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Hamilton Timepieces

Since 1892, the Hamilton Company has helped Americans keep time. From railroad engineers and army generals to local delivery men, Hamilton timepieces have earned a place on many important wrists. This reliable line brings together style and function seamlessly.

How Hamilton Timepieces Have Shaped America

The Hamilton brand goes far beyond fashion and luxury. Customers are drawn to the rich history of this all-American luxury watch brand. Hamilton timepieces have been around for over a century, helping to support the country’s new and evolving industries.

Synching Time for the Railways

Before the days of airplanes and freeways, Americans depended heavily on the railway for transportation and cargo shipment. The east was connected to the west by railroad, but there was a problem: the railway system used over 50 different clocks, resulting in inconsistent times. Back then, railway accidents were not uncommon. Schedules were rarely kept. Reliable timekeeping was desperately needed to synchronize the clocks and trains.

The Hamilton Watch Company rose to the occasion. With unsurpassed precision, Hamilton’s pocket watches synchronized the entire railway line and brought things into perfect harmony. For this reason, Hamilton timepieces were labelled “The Watch of Railroad Accuracy.”

Hamilton Timepieces for Deliverymen

After the Hamilton Company provided a timekeeping solution for railroads, they turned their attention to the developing air service. In 1919, Hamilton became the watch of choice for the emerging USA Air Postal Service, ensuring that packages, letters, and important national documents reached their destinations on time during the last critical year of the War.

Hamilton Timepieces for Servicemen

With the First World War looming ahead, the US Armed Forces were even more focused on accuracy, punctuality, and precision. Of all the watch brands, the one chosen for commanders and officers was Hamilton timepieces. The Hamilton Watch Company became the official supplier of America’s military.

Hamilton did plenty to help during the Second World War, too. This patriotic company put civilian orders on hold temporarily so it could reach its goal of sending 1 million watches to the Armed Forces. It also turned out the first modern chronometers, a vital tool for the US Navy that allowed them to plot location and course without the vulnerability of radio communication.

In 1943, America rewarded Hamilton with the US Army-Navy “E” Award for excellence in equipment production.

Famous Movies Featuring Hamilton Timepieces

In the 1951 Oscar-winning film ‘The Frogmen’, which based on a true WWII story, the actors wore Hamilton watches, as the Navy men would have in real life.

Here are some other famous movies that featured Hamilton timepieces:

    • In ‘Blue Hawaii’, Elvis Presley wore a Hamilton Ventura, the first electric watch in world history.


  • ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’: Stanley Kubrick ordered Hamilton custom-designed timepieces for his futuristic film in 1968.
  • Each of the ‘Men in Black’ movies from 1997 to 2012 has featured Hamilton watches.
  • ‘Pearl Harbor’, depicting one of the most tragic and patriotic times in US history, was filmed using genuine, true-to-the-times Hamilton watches.
  • ‘Die Hard’ leading actor Bruce Willis wore a Hamilton watch as he played John McClane, hero of this action film against NYC terrorists.
  • ‘X-Men of Future Past’ featured custom-made Hamilton timepieces worn by the superheroes in this 1981 movie.


  • ‘Interstellar’ character named Murph, played by Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy, sported a custom-designed watch from Hamilton, created for this 2014 movie.
  • ‘The Martian’ is another recent film where the classic Hamilton brand made a cameo.

Special Features of Hamilton Timepiece



Trusted by the US Armed Forces from WWI to our present day, Hamilton maintains its reputation for unfailingly accurate punctuality.



Hamilton watches give other luxury brands a run for their money. Their styles have evolved for more than a century to keep ahead of the fashion curve.



Hamilton has an international reputation as one of the most desired brands throughout America, Canada, and Europe, including Switzerland- the homeland of the watch industry itself.


  • World leaders in technology since 1912


Hamilton designed the world’s first highly accurate chronometers, bomb timers, battery-operated watches, and LED watches, and collaborated in the creation of the world’s first automatic chronograph.

Interesting facts about the Hamilton Company

  • Hamilton was first to design the electric watch in 1957 and the digital watch in 1970.
  • Hamilton was the first watch in the world to make it to the summit of Mount Everest.
  • The unusual design of the electric Ventura watch was inspired by Cadillac tailfins.
  • It took more than 10 years to design the electric Ventura watch. Hamilton began the design in 1946, finally “cracking the code” to battery-operated mechanisms in 1957.

Hamilton Watches: The No-Nonsense Timekeepers

Are Hamilton timepieces a good option for you? If you’re looking for a stylish, well-made watch that won’t cost a fortune, Hamilton timepieces are the way to go. Check out their collections to find a luxury watch style that suits you best, and won’t ever let you down.

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