+ Green Comet Cometh +

+ Green Comet Cometh +

Voodoo Forest © John Blanche & Hollow Press MMXXII


Prigorians living in the outer edges of the Prigorian Divide – closest to the Halo Stars – are current witnesses to a truly remarkable sight; for almost a decade, a green comet has been seen traveling triple-tailed through the ever-dusk of the Prigorian night sky.

For some outer-edge Prigorians, the icy nomad did not come as a surprise. When it appeared for the first time, only visible as a faint smear of green light in the skies, solitary voices were heard chanting, like echoes, throughout settlements and mining stations; “Green Comet Cometh”.

Cult of the Green Comet

The arrival of the Green Comet had been foretold through generations by preachers travelling the outer edges bringing faith to the destitute and warblind seeking refuge here.

“Green Comet Cometh,” they preached relentlessly.

“Green Comet Cometh.”

The Cult of the Green Comet is young compared to other cults of the green man. It is only a few generations old, its members few and far between – like everything else in this part of the divide. Devotions and sermons are carried out at night, under the triple-tailed Green Comet as it becomes ever brighter on its journey across the night skies.

The Green Comet is seen as a harbinger of a great change to come; The Emperor reborn as the Green Man seated on his tree-crowned throne!

Green Comet Cometh!

From Throne to Thorne!


My Sleet Brother Lassi made me aware of this beauty some weeks ago, with a note that just wrote “Green Comet Cometh!”


I immediately knew I had to use it in my Crataegus Legion, as this is an example of how real world phenomena can be brought into a narrative and drive the process of world building forward.

This photo provided by Dan Bartlett shows comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) on Dec. 19, 2022. It last visited during Neanderthal times, according to NASA. (Dan Bartlett via AP)

So this little intermezzo between some of the larger cults of the green man, is to celebrate that tonight, February 2nd 2023, the icy nomad C/2022 E3 (ZTF) – in less scientific circles known as the Green Comet – is at its closest proximity to Earth.

Like most comets, the Green Comet is made of ice, dust and rocks that hail from the ring of icy material in the Oort cloud at our solar system’s outer edge. It was was first spotted in March 2022 by astronomers through the wide-field survey camera at the Zwicky Transient Facility. It was in Jupiter’s orbit at the time and has grown brighter since then.

Onwards to the Green Man!

It has now reached naked-eye brightness – but only for those under truky dark skies and with keen eyes. For those unable to go comet hunting, I decided to celebrate this solar traveller with a few more cultists for my Crataegus Legion.

The Cults of the Green Man are growing!

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