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The REAL Reason To Stack Gold & Silver ► we didn’t get a black Monday sell off at market open, global markets do continue to exhibit signs of significant stress.The British pound flash crashed to it’s lowest level ever against the dollar overnight, the Euro is now trading well below Dollar parity, and the Bank Of Japan has begun intervention to save the Yen.One interesting feature of the sell off we saw last week was a drop in the gold to silver ratio, which is not what you would typically expect when metals are falling. This may indicate a bottom for the price of silver, but I am still holding off on any purchases for some potentially better deals in the very near future.Use coupon code “stacker” to save 10% on nanosilver powered personal care products from Silver Botanicals ► https://silver-botanicals.comGreat prices on silver bullion at SD Bullion ► Prices & Selection on Goldback Currency At Money Metals ► Huge Selection Of Precious Metals Products At APMEX ► Other Smart Stackers On Reddit ► me on Twitter ► me on Instagram ► in this video is financial advice. All information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.Some of the links provided in this description are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of those links I will receive compensation at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting this channel in this way, or any other!#silverstacking #economiccollapse #gold

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  1. The USPS delivered today the Heraeus 10 oz Silver Bar they “lost” last week. This has happened seven times. Once I file a claim on the USPS website the shipment is found.

  2. HI Gd day , im a rookie in this game an im just a month into my silver an gold ect long investment savings is my end goal only buying physical presious metals.. So Thank you for the advice and knowledge …all is greatly appriciated … RESPECT ! from ( Steve ) Oshawa , Ontario, Canada !!

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