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Bullion has become a popular topic in the last few months with gold and silver markets hitting all time highs. In this video we go over some background information as to why gold and silver is popular when financial markets are going through uncertain times. We also go over some popular coin designs from the US mint like the American Gold Eagle and also other popular international bullion designs like Canadian Maple Leafs.Shop For Bullion:’t have us on Social Media? Visit us at: World’s educational site: https://www.banknoteworld.orgBanknote World Blog:…Twitter: LinkedIn:…Don’t Forget to Subscribe!…

11 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Bullion

  1. Come on. The golden and silver most popular coin isn’t the Eagle!! Krugerrand and Maple are the most popular coins.

    1. The American Eagle is the most popular because many other countries outside the US trust and use its currency. It also doesn’t hurt that the American Eagle is backed by the full faith and trust of the US Government ;D

    1. You can find online retailers who buy them. For in person transactions you can sell them at a pawn shop or other shops specializing in the purchase of gold and precious metals.

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