Gold Bullion Farming Guide 2021 .com/watch?v=TyYhg7v6Fu4

In this video, I’m going to be showing you a tutorial on how Gold Bullion works and how to farm the most you can in Fallout 76.

27 thoughts on “Gold Bullion Farming Guide 2021

  1. Wait, all daily quests??? I thought it was only the settler and raider quests and the one overseer daily quest that gave you treasure notes

    1. @EARTH.IS.A DEMONIC.FARM.PLANET half right. The daily quests with the exclamation point will reward you with the new rewards

  2. I’m surprised how much they’ve put into this game after I stopped playing for a year and a half, I paid the full 70 bucks pre-order and I’m surprised that people like me who paid that get nothing for free

    1. @Sonartica right? honestly, my only two problems with this game was the lack of life in it and the server issues. after coming back it all seems to have been fixed now. better late than never i guess lol

  3. Wow thanks for the wayward tip i didn’t know you could do that. Why doesn’t the game tell you anything about that?

    1. They hint at it in the hints that someone would help you if you get foundation or crater mad at you but ya

    1. No, the dailies cycle around constantly. You can do multiple of dailies per day. I’m not sure what the cap is but it isn’t four.

    1. @First Name ya 200 gold per day I didn’t add the 300 per week but its around 35 days to get the full set

    2. @flat Mars society oof I guess I better get to grinding asap I still haven’t even figured out how to start the quest to even get the gold.

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