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grab Zyro’s deal for a limited-time-only! Use my promo code JESSE or click here: to get an exclusive discount + 3 months free with any yearly plan.It’s been almost a year since I started my freelance graphic design journey and I wanted to share with y’all some of the lessons I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made, and overall advice. I hope you enjoy it!Tips For Finding Better Clients: Why I first quit my job: Passive Income for Designers:💌 Sign up to my weekly email newsletter – 🧡 Get access to all tutorial and design project files, exclusive discord role, bonus podcast footage and help buy me a coffee!PODCAST 🖥️ Video: 🟢 Spotify: 🟣 Apple: WITH ME: 📥 [email protected] 🕸️ https://jessenyberg.designCONNECT WITH ME 📸 IG: 🐦 Twitter: 📌Pinterest: 🌐 Discord: PC SETUP, BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS, & MORE 🛒:​ #graphicdesign #freelance

27 thoughts on “Freelance Graphic Designer – How To Succeed Your 1st Year

    1. Hi! I’m a new starting out virtual assistant. I would love to help you with all of those extra tasks that are taking up your time and keeping you from designing as much as you would like. My rate is negotiable since I am new! You would be my first client. If you are interested I would love to send you a portfolio and let you know more about the things I can do for you, and work out a price that fits your budget! Let me know if it’s okay to email you with more info 😊

  1. Bro you give super dope advice, what blows me away is your youth. Im an old guy but your mentality is so on point! So I put these 3 month digital design campaigns together that sell like hot cakes. I give my client three folders at a time depending on there budgets. Let’s say we give them a June, July and August folder and in each folder it has either 4 graphics ads or 8. I design them to fit on IG then a different size to fit on FB and other platforms depending on clients needs. I refuse to do the posting because in becomes a bit much. However with this your client gets to post on all platforms weekly and all I did was provide the content only. You must also help create the campaign specifics, so that all the ads have some value to the clients audience and are effective. I charge $120 per ad on the 4 graphics for each month or if they get 8 ads per mo, Ill cut a deal and lower cost per ad to $90 per ad. There is absolutely no cost involved just three to five days of hardcore design but do the math… Hope this can help someone! Thanks Jesse

  2. Im glad i clicked on this video. Ive had my graphic design business for about 15 years now. Im experiencing a huge burnout due to being pigeonholed into being a “flyer designer”. Flyer design is very time consuming and unfortunately keeps you at the 2500-3000 range which in this economy isnt shh*t. Im sort of struggling. To keep this up and not shut down. From this video, im seeing maybe i need more downtime and a bit of a break for a while. Great video man.

  3. Thank you for the knowledge 🔥 I’m about to start my business and you are the first video I watched

  4. Hi Jesse, I really enjoyed your video and I would love to see a video made by you about passive income!

  5. Great content. It’s like diary of a graphic designer. Seriously, every grad should watch this!

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