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Are you looking for a FREE & EASY payroll program? Have a look at my review of this payroll program which you can use for free for three months!In this video I did a review of a payroll software in South Africa which we have been using for the past 10 years called Vanilla Payroll – the first 3 months is completely free – here is the link to their websitewww.vanillapayroll.comClick on the link below to download your 3 month free payroll software

FREE Vanilla Payroll Software
I will be doing a series on this payroll program – quick review (this video) – download & installing your free payroll – adding a company to your free payroll – adding an employee to your free payroll program – month end procedures and payslips on your free payroll program – year end procedures on your free payroll programHere is what I like about Vanilla Payroll – Easy to use payroll software – The option to edit data on your payroll software – Well priced – 3 months free software and support – easy setup and god looking payslips – good support – regular updates – UIF & WCA integrations – easy year end proceduresEnjoy the program!

31 thoughts on “Free & Easy Payroll Software (SA 2022)

  1. Really enjoyed your video on Vanilla Payroll Thank You so much and my best personal Wishes to you. Kind Regards Errol

  2. Hi
    Any payroll offers they work for you and we load details on excl. And they import in software and send us payslip

  3. Hi there. Just a security question, what prevents fraudsters from creating fake payrolls?

  4. Thank you for this video! We are a small retailer and looking at moving our payroll to inhouse. I am a bookkeeper and your accounting experience and advice is appreciated.

  5. Heinrich , you have added so much value to my accounting practice. Thank you so much for these videos! Please keep it up. EVERY accountant should subscribe to your channel!

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