Free Bookkeeping Course – Part 5 – Financial Statements #bookkeepingcourse #bookkeeping .com/watch?v=H87k83Ws5jU

This is the final video in my bookkeeping tutorial, which covers the basics of double entry bookkeeping.This video teaches the basics of financial statements; the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet.Next Video:30 day FREE trial for Sage Business Cloud Accounting – – NO card neededFacebook – Twitter – Instagram – more FREE videos and courses at www.freebookkeepingaccounting.comThe ULTIMATE bookkeeping and accounting course –

25 thoughts on “Free Bookkeeping Course – Part 5 – Financial Statements #bookkeepingcourse #bookkeeping

  1. I have a bookkeeping interview tomorrow. Thanks so much for your videos….watched all five

  2. LOVE THESE! Thank you for sharing. Engaging + useful. Not stopped working alongside the vids since I came across the lessons this afternoon. 👍

  3. Hi very impressed by your presentation. QUESTION? whats difference between revenue and sale in terms of pearls on P&L statement

    1. Sales are usually sales of a product or service. Revenue is a blanket term for money received, including sales, commissions, royalties, interest received, etc. I hope this helps. Thanks for watching.

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