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TeamSport – The UK’s #1 for indoor karting.TeamSport’s professionally designed indoor go kart tracks offer the ultimate karting experience nationwide. With a wide range of specialist events and money saving karting offers available it’s no wonder TeamSport is a favourite for experienced karters, stag and hen activities, students, children’s karting parties, family activity days and the thrill seekers amongst us.If you are new to go karting or an experienced karting professional we guarantee when you take a seat in a TeamSport kart you will experience fast paced, furious fun. With acceleration like no other, reaching speeds of up to 40MPH only inches above the track, race goers will navigate the multi-levels, ramps, hairpins, banked turns and long straights looking to top the podium!For the latest in indoor karting, tips and tricks and Go Pro racing line footage for TeamSport circuits subscribe to TeamSport’s YouTube channel.For our latest offers and to experience the best indoor karting in the UK call 0844 9980 000 and book now!

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    1. It’s because Marshall’s have things outside of TeamSport so on weekdays they use 2 floors since most Marshall’s aren’t there

  1. I have been alot of times for my first few visits I loved it but I recently went and me and my friend were in with a group of full grown men we were rammed into the barriers and rammed from behind and there were no black flags my friend mum then went to tell a member of staff he needed a bigger seat and he shook here head and said Rudely OK i will deal with him in a minute and rolled here eyes then on the down stairs bit someone stuck and a member of staff was sat on the other side of tires and he was stuck for 3 mims before the staff member walked over sorry for the bad news.

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