First Aid Training in 2023

First Aid

Learning first aid in a business is vital to keep the injuries to a minimum. So why not make it a point to find out more about a First Aid Course? First Aid is not just an important component of a well-run business, it can also help keep your employees safe. It’s estimated that almost a third of workplace injuries are related to falls and slips, so it’s vital to ensure your employees are trained properly. This will make them more prepared to respond to an emergency, and they’ll be more likely to get prompt treatment, which can help them recover more quickly.

Essential First Aid Training

First Aid training is a valuable service for any business. It allows employees to be prepared for emergency situations, and it reduces the number of workplace accidents. The PHECC FAR programme (previously Occupational First Aid) is designed to meet the first aid and basic life support requirements that a person known as a “First Aid Responder” may encounter in the workplace. In addition to CFR skills the FAR possesses defined skills in the further management of a patient who has become suddenly ill or injured in the Pre Hospital environment until emergency services arrive.

First aid course programs can offer different benefits depending on the industry your business is in. But all of them have the same basic goal, to save lives! Salutem Advisory provides appropriate equipment, facilities, and personnel for this training. Organisations like Salutem Advisory provide the necessary training for the business personnel. Another important consideration is the type of training that you want to provide. 

Proper training can also help to reduce accidents, which can boost productivity and morale. By keeping your employees healthy and happy, you’ll see improved word-of-mouth marketing and increased loyalty. In addition, you’ll be able to maintain a positive reputation as a workplace, which can improve your bottom line.

The Health and Safety Authority of Ireland states that workers attain their qualification skills for at least two years. You can find a range of online first aid courses that are designed to provide a solid foundation for your employees. Depending on your business, you may choose to provide more focused training. To ensure your business has a complete first aid program, you’ll need to check local regulations and speak to a safety consultant.