Finishing The 6m Delta Loop With 2:1 Balun

Finishing The 6m Delta Loop With 2:1 Balun

Weather conditions were good and the 6m Delta Loop with the 2:1 Balun was installed in its testing location. The antenna is approximately 25′ up and fed with LMR-400 cable.

In the original post, I did not talk about the changes in the support pipe. After cutting the 1/2″ PVC pipe to 6.5′, a 1/4″ hole was drilled in each end. A small bracket was printed to attach a 6″ long PVC pipe to the middle of the support pipe. A guide wire is used to help keep the 1/2″ PVC pipe from drooping. This also provided a connection point for a rope or cable to hoist the antenna.

After a little tuning, an SWR of 1:1 was achieved. Be careful not to trim off to much at a time. It is easy to over shoot and have to add wire back or start over.

By chance, a VHF contest was going on and plenty of activity for testing. The FT-891 has not had any issues with the Delta Loop. The antenna is being connected directly to the transmitter with no tuner. If testing keeps going well, there will be an updated post with more specifics on the home brew 2:1 balun.


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