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💥Financial Statement Cheat Sheets → this short tutorial you’ll learn all the basics about Financial Statements. We’ll cover the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement and the Cash Flow Statement with an example.🔗VIDEO LINKS▪ Balance Sheet video → ▪ Income Statement video →–AvwZabIQ ▪ Cash Flow Statement video →🔴Subscribe for more Accounting Tutorials →⏱️TIMESTAMPS 00:00 – Intro 00:22 – What are Financial Statements? 01:08 – What is a Balance Sheet? 03:19 – What is an Income Statement? 04:55 – What is a Cash Flow Statement? 08:02 – Recap🔎FAQ ▪ My Favourite Accounting Book for Beginners →🎬LEARN ACCOUNTING BASICS FOR FREE ▪ The Full Playlist →🔝 CLOUD ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE ▪ QuickBooks Online USA (FREE TRIAL/DISCOUNT) → ▪ QuickBooks Online Canada (FREE TRIAL/DISCOUNT) →🚶FOLLOW ME ON ▪ Insta → ▪ Twitter → DISCLAIMERSome of the links above are affiliate links, where I earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. You are not obligated to do so, but it does help fund these videos in hopes of bringing value to you! ________________________#accounting #financialstatement #accountingstuff

15 thoughts on “FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: all the basics in 8 MINS!

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  3. Thanks 👍 and I was surprised when I saw our Ukrainian money in a jar, it was funny. But any way, thank you for video. For me who learning English it was very helpful.

  4. Tbh even after studying accounting for 2 years and getting good grades the balance sheet still scares me 😅

  5. hiiii do you know what is du point equation and ratio analysis? i’m really having a hard time to understand these .
    thank u

  6. Can you do a video on understated and overstated adjustments? Your videos are really helping me comprehend accounting concepts. Thank you!

  7. Its been long since i see your videos again. And yes, Graduated with my BS in accounting . Your videos has impact and really helps💯Appreciate them all

  8. You have just saved my grades, dear sir. But now only my ability could fail me so thank you so much and I hope your pillow is cold on both sides.

  9. Thanks so much James for continuing your good work.
    Can you suggest any name/resource/channel to follow or study by which one can systematically learn and become proficient in Microsoft Excel?

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