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FAST and FREE certification for bookkeepers! This is step-by-step how to find the Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor certification training. This is an amazing free resource that many people don’t know about. I am often asked where to go to find this “free bookkeeper certification” that I’m always talking about. It’s strangely hard to find this training on the Intuit Quickbooks website and sort through the different options, Quickbooks types, etc. Here’s my recommendation on the best option for bookkeepers and exactly where to find it. Also check out my more in-depth video about the many types of bookkeeper certifications: have a newly updated version of this video here: playlist: up for Quickbooks Online Accountant: Then go to “ProAdvisor” on the left, then “Training” at the topHere’s a video on the exam: PROBLEMS?If you can’t see training, first try a new browser (maybe Firefox). You can always call Intuit with issues. To see if Proadvisor training is available in your country, I found these steps in a help forum:To check if QuickBooks offers the training on your country:Go to this link: Scroll down and at the bottom of the page, choose your country from the Select a Country drop-down. Hover your mouse on the Accountants & Bookkeepers tab at the top mid of the page. You’ll see ProAdvisor Portal or Training from the drop-down.Hope that helps!!******************************************❤ My #1 recommended bookkeeper class: Bookkeeper Launch Free Class Series: Bookkeeper Launch (Affiliate link): Please SUBSCRIBE! Hit the BELL 🔔 icon to be notified of my new videos each Thursday (after you’ve subscribed, the bell is next to the subscribe button)➡ My website: ➡ Facebook: top video: How to start a bookkeeping business CHECKLIST download: How to start a bookkeeping business VIDEO:▶ What to watch next:Playlist for bookkeepers: many clients to earn 100K? How to start a bookkeeping business: Day in the life of a bookkeeper: Bookkeeper FAQs: COST to start a bookkeeping business? Why I became a bookkeeper: What does a bookkeeper do? Bookkeeper certification? Bookkeeper interview: Creative childcare: Rock your next interview: #finepoints #proadvisor

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    1. Hi, I just got my QB certification. If your priority is the certification (learning later). I can help you with that. Just give me your feedback here. Thank you. 😊

  1. Greetings ! please guide how we can get 1st order as a Bookkeeper most clients prefer experienced professionals how we can overcome this problem plz share valuable strategy Thanks

    1. That is a great question, and a fear many bookkeepers have starting out. Morgan created a video to answer this very question: What to Say if You DON’T Have Experience – Bookkeeper Interview (
      Krista (FinePoints Assistant)

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