Eternity Rings explained: Top 3 Questions .com/watch?v=0T4KUIoP3U0

Eternity rings are a beautiful way to mark life’s important milestones, but what exactly is an eternity ring?Sue, Senior Sales Consultant in Kingston, answers 3 top questions that surround eternity rings. The ‘eternity’ is symbolised by the infinite circle of decoration around the ring, but is there more to these glorious pieces?Watch this video to find out… + What is an eternity ring? + Do they suit any occasion? + How do you wear an eternity ring? + How can I buy one?SUBSCRIBE to Burrells for weekly videos ▶ DESIGNED Jennie’s eternity ring ▶ beautiful eternity ring designs ▶ [coming soon]HOW MUCH DOES A DIAMOND COST? ▶ A QUESTION ABOUT ETERNITY RINGS? Comment it below!– – – ID170 cust=J

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