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Welcome to another episode of JavaScript SEO! In this video, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Martin Splitt explains basic SEO techniques for JavaScript sites and webapps to make your web content more discoverable.Get started with search → Learn more about creating good titles → SEO is an entirely new series on best practices and SEO for JavaScript. Stay tuned by Subscribe to the Google Search Central Channel → Check out other videos in the JavaScript SEO Playlist →

18 thoughts on “Essential JavaScript SEO tips – JavaScript SEO

  1. “…will happen in the second wave, which will take some time…” Please defined “some time”. Is that a couple of hours, a couple of days, 3 months, a year and a half?

  2. “Content that requires JS will be only index in the second wave, which might take some time……” Please can you be more specific? Are we talking about couple of hours, couple of days, months?

    1. Cosmo ……’it can take days’ hahahaha again 3 days or 1000 days? What about a domain with more than 10,000 pages how long it will take for the second wave? And most importantly does the second work page by page or at domain level? I mean what if 90% of my domain is SSR but the 10% left uses CSR?

  3. Hahaha, a very interesting topic,
    I want to ask tho’, for cases of an Isomorphic App.

    When the page loads, and all of the content load properly. Does the use of `a` tag in isomorphic app will still be helpful to Googlebot? In `react`, there’s a component called `Link` and `NavLink`, in Vue there’s `router-link`. I think if I remembered it correctly they also use `a` tag when the page is fully loaded.

  4. So what im hearing is, I don’t need to use ngUniversal strictly for googlebot purposes anymore, but just if I want to improve my score with a better FCP rating.
    Do i have that assessment correct?

  5. Sounds like it is possible to create title & description dynamically with JavaScript. That’s what I was looking for, I was wondering how to SEO a single page static site. Thank you Sir!

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