Dream Stealer


<p>By Joy Pedersen

A dream stealer is living inside each of us. It steals our dreams because it cannot dream. 

If we want to save the world, first, we must save ourselves from it.

We fight evil in the outer world, but inside the dream stealer continues to live off our insecurities. 

It doesn’t want us to know the truth. 

It is afraid of many things – feelings, change, difference. 

It is especially afraid of our dreams. We have so many dreams. Our dreams are reaching out to us, calling, pleading to be let in.

The dream stealer feels threatened by their foreign ways – thoughts, ideas, language. It does not trust these strangers.

Our dreams tell us, “Have compassion. We are all connected.” These ideas frighten the dream stealer.

Our dreams use words like “imagine,” “trust,” “create.” The dream stealer cannot do these things.

The dream stealer does not like the way the dreams make it feel. The dreams bring change. They bring hope. 

The dream stealer fears the loss of control. It fears discomfort. It fears losing its power.

The dream stealer cuts down the dreams with its weapons – guilt, shame, judgement. It uses dogma to keep them at bay. It builds a wall to keep the dreams from us. 

The dream stealers wants to control us. It keeps us shackled by reminding us of the past. It keeps us in a cage it has built by creating fear of the future. 

The dream stealer is a master of illusion. It comforts us with its promises, but its promises are lies – meaningless and worthless. Its words are empty vessels.

It is a coward. It is easily scared off. If we confront the dream stealer, it will lose its power.

It disguises itself in order to trick us. It prefers to hide. If we remove its mask, we will see what it really is. 

Its tactics are faulty. Its arguments are illogical. If we question it, we will find there is no truth in what it says.

If we want peace, we must conquer it. 

If we want love, we must overcome it. 

If we want to be free, we must defeat it.

We are stronger than we think we are. It is weaker than it appears. 

We are fighters, lovers, and dreamers. It is no match for us.


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