Double wire technique in orthodontic piggy back, correcting cross bite .com/watch?v=7euG61mEHy8

step by step double wire technique with ligature traction to correct cross bite in orthodontics. braces bonding by Dr. Amr Asker, Orthodontic lecturer.New Cairo center: Mansoura center: me on: Youtube : Instagram : Facebook page : Facebook group : FB profile :

25 thoughts on “Double wire technique in orthodontic piggy back, correcting cross bite

  1. I just got my braces on exactly a month ago. I believe they’ll be doing the exact same thing to mine, bc my teeth look the exact same way. The tooth behind the other teeth that I have is way sharper though.

  2. I exactly has the same condition, but my dentist wants to install a bite plane which cost a bit expensive. Can i say no?

  3. If you have “crowding” don’t let them take your health teeth out. You won’t ever see them again. Your back molars will shift forward and it will do nothing for the crowding. I had braces and all they did was pull my back molars forward.

    1. Sure, they’re a little straighter, but my bottom teeth were crushed together so badly one has a surface chip (from side pressure,) and the other appears to be dying. It’s becoming discolored. My first day with retainers, the bottom one got stuck and was so painful to remove in ever wore it again. My teeth have shifted but not a lot. One of the molars had a filling pop out and now I really wish I still had all 33 teeth as apposed to 25. (They took 8 teeth total and I had 5 wisdoms.) Crowding was never fixed.

  4. That is my biggest insecurity. My teeth is more critical than that. In addition of having golden teeth haha

  5. السلام عليكم دكتور.
    هل ممكن تتكرم علينا بإجابة حول السؤال التالي؟
    ما هي أنواع الأسلاك التي استعملتموها في علاج هذه الحالة و ما سمكها ؟ شكرا دكتور.

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