Does Purity Matter When Stacking Gold Bullion? .com/watch?v=FFAuntXBVgw

Does purity matter when stacking gold bullion?In this video, I’ll discuss the purity of the American Gold Eagle, and if it really matters when stacking gold. I’ll also go over some of the different scales that are used to measure precious metal purity.Email: [email protected]: I am not a financial or investment professional. Everything that I discuss in this video is my opinion, and my opinion only. Do your own research, and consult with professionals that you trust if you need to.Gold stack, silver stack, investing in gold, investing in silver, investing in precious metals, coin collecting, gold bullion purity, Millesimal scale, 24 vs 22 karat gold bullion.

19 thoughts on “Does Purity Matter When Stacking Gold Bullion?

    1. Hahaha! Just saw that you corrected that fact after I already called you on the carpet in my comment. Hahaha!

  1. Just a slight correction……22 karat gold has a fineness of 916.7, NOT 91.67 (you got the decimal point in the wrong place). 22 Karat gold is also used in British sovereigns and South African Kruger rands.

  2. I like gold jewellery at all purities as its retailable at higher premiums to sell on and you can always weigh it in at the spot price as a backup…

  3. American gold and silver eagles are trash. Zero security features, and the most counterfeited coins on the planet. 24K Canadian gold and 9999 silver coins/bars all day for me :)

  4. If you buy 90% gold your going to pay full price but then you go to sell it depending on where you go you only get 90% of what gold is going for because the coin is only 90% pure so you could lose money I stick with 9999 if I was going to buy coins I’m not sure how it works because I’m new to this but it makes sense to me.

  5. In the US, it does not matter much. In Canada, it does for tax purposes. I prefer 9999 in gold. That’s why I buy mostly fractional Gold Maple Leafs. My wife’s Canadian. So, that also plays some role in my purchasing decisions. There are some US tax considerations in selling Canadian Maples (21 ounces or more in a single sale). That must also be taken into consideration.

  6. In Dubai there is value added tax on 22k as its considered jewelery grade and 24k is tax free so it’s a no brainer for me but in reality doesn’t make a difference personally. Great video

  7. I have been asking about this and no one answered. Thanks for this! I always referred to the 22k as “champagne gold” and always thought it to be prettier than 24k. But as a stacker, I want them all!

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