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Ever wondered how to design Elementor #WooCommerce product grid with the help of JetWooBuilder and JetGridBuilder plugins? In this video, you will learn how to build various product grids and apply a WooCommerce product list layout. We will show you how to use the Products Loop widget to combine both the WooCommerce product grid and product list view on one page. Finally, you will know how to add a WooCommerce wishlist and compare buttons using JetCompare&Wishlist plugin.#jetwoobuilder #elementorproductgridProceed with the video to learn more about: 👉Building and styling Elementor archive page with the help of Elementor WooCommerce widgets 👉Creating and styling WooCommerce product list 👉Showcasing products via Products Loop widget that feature WordPress grid layout and list layout at once 👉Styling WooCommerce product grid page 👉Setting the Elementor product page template to the required pageThis video is the second one in the series dedicated to the JetWooBuilder plugin by Crocoblock. Stay tuned and you will know even more about effective Crocoblock Elementor Woocommerce plugin use.► TIMESTAMPS00:00 Introduction 00:45 Creating an Elementor shop page 01:31 Applying JetWooBuilder widgets 02:33 Showcasing the products with the Products Loop widget 03:02 Creating and styling Archive templates 06:22 Setting the templates to a specific page 07:08 Applying the JetGridBuilder widget————– ☕ Enjoyed the video? Buy Julia a coffee: ► ————— Previous video from JetWooBuilder series ►Creating Elementor Product Page ————– Discover JetWooBuilder on our website ► ————– Explore features of Zolden — Dynamic WooCommerce Template ► ————– Check out tutorials in our Knowledge Base ► JetWooBuilder ► JetGridBuilder ————— Explore JetCompare&Wishlist plugin’s features ► —————Join us here: ► FB Community: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: ► Pinterest: #elementorgrid #woocommerceplugin