Day In The Life of an IT Manager | Working From Home Edition .com/watch?v=woZOYDxv1uQ

In this video I’m sharing what’s my typical work day looks like as an IT manager working from home.#dayinthelife #workingfromhome

30 thoughts on “Day In The Life of an IT Manager | Working From Home Edition

    1. Hi Mialik,

      1. Make sure you are really interested and love programming
      2. After graduating, don’t look for any other non-programming related job. Go straight at it, the longer you dont practice, the more you be left behind
      3. Do your own projects. Experience is the best teacher but as a student it’s hard to get an actual experience, so do your own side projects, or better yet if your school offer do on the job training, take advantage of it
      4. Continuous learning. In this day and age, technology evolves really fast, you have to always keep yourself upto date.

      There are more but those are on top of my head on the moment:) Take care and good luck! Keep on coding!

    1. Hi Karl. I graduated in a not so popular school in Metro Manila, Philippines. I just applied for jobs when we first moved here in Canada, then I just took whoever gave me the first offer. I started as developer and then work my way up.

    2. @Karl Legson I think 4-5yrs but it really depends on your situation, opportunities and skills. You could progress very quickly 😊

  1. New sub I’d like to learn more about what u do see if it’s a path Worth the grind for me!🙌🏽

    1. I can’t tell really, it all depends on your interest and mindset. You have to be in it in order to succeed. I guess with any profession, first thing you need to have is interest, without it, you’ll be forever dreading go to work because your heart is not into it. So first, check if you really have the interest into programming. Do what you love and not what other people think ;)

  2. This is awesome, the epitome of WORK-LIFE BALANCE!
    You rock , man!!!
    lol 😆 😆

  3. Great video, you have a wonderful family and seem to maintain a great work-life balance. Can you please tell us a little bit more about your background in IT (training, degrees, certifications)?

    1. Thanks Nick! I’m just a BS Computer Science grad in Philippines. No certification or whatever. To be honest esp these days where you have vast amount of resources online, degree/certification doesnt matter anymore, it’s your experience and determination that make it or break it in the IT industry. 😁. That is just my opinion though. 😊

  4. I’m looking for a mentor to help out,just getting start in the IT world.I’m coming the Army at the age of 25 so any info or tips is welcome. Love the video!!

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