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So let’s look at the start to the end of a day in the life on an IT Manager. Every Tech manager is different, and every day is different! If you want to learn more about the IT Manager checkout my online course here –👉 Want a Faster Mac? Try this –👉 Get the BEST Home Media Player with Plex –👉 Need NTFS on your Mac? –👉 Get a .99c Domain with NameCheap – to my Channel 👉 🌍 My Website – 🎓 Try Skillshare FREE for 1 month –🎓 MY ONLINE COURSES: 👉 Full List of Courses 👉 ➤ From IT Tech to IT Manager – ➤ Learn the Synology NAS – ➤ Windows Server 2022 – ➤ VMware vSphere 7 (Complete Course) – ➤ Server & Network Administration – ➤ WSUS Beginner to Pro – ➤ Learn HomeLab – How to Setup Your Own Lab! – ➤ Master the Mac – I USE 👉 Full List of my Gear:💻 COMPUTERS: ➤ Mini Desktop | Intel NUC i7 – ➤ Mini Desktop | Mac Mini – ➤ Desktop | Dell G5 Desktop – ➤ Laptop | MacBook Pro 15” –📺 SCREENS: ➤ Monitor | Samsung 34″ Curved Wide – ➤ Monitor | Lenovo ThinkVision S27i-10 – ➤ Monitor Arm | Humanscale M2 – ➤ Wall Mount | Monitor Mount –💾 LAB SETUP: ➤ Dell PowerEdge Server – ➤ Storage NAS | Synology DS920+ – ➤ Cisco Switch – ➤ Meraki Switch – ➤ Server Rack/Cabinet –🎧 AUDIO: ➤ Speakers | Presonus E5 XT – ➤ Audio Interface | Focusrite Scarlette 2i2 – ➤ Microphone | Blue Yeti USB – ➤ Headphones | Bose QuietComfort 35 – ME: I’m Emilio and I’m a technology enthusiast from Melbourne Australia. I’ve been into computers ever since setting up my first pentium computer years ago. I love technology and make videos about all things tech every week. Would love it if you support my channel by subscribing and staying up to date with what I’m releasing!⮕⮕ New Videos Every Monday 3pm GMT ⬅⬅GET IN TOUCH: 👉 For affiliate and sponsorship enquiries see my Youtube About page, or contact me via my website

18 thoughts on “Day in the Life Of An IT Manager – What do Managers Do??

    1. I stumbled into being the IT Service Desk Manager from an SD Analyst eight years ago. Once I got the day to day working pretty much autonomously I branched into knowledge management and administering our third party chatbot. I’d like to break into other areas of IT Management but it’s be impossible at my current employer. Since I never had formal IT education, I’m not sure if it’s even a possibility for me.

  1. What would you recommend to someone about to finish their degree in IT management? What would some follow-on steps be to be the most competitive?

  2. Currently in a BSIT program and heavily considering switching to the BSITM for many reasons. 1. My program requires 8 tech certifications, I wont need all of them especially if I choose a non tech heavy field. I look at it like I can pick up a cert as needed. Tech changes so fast and by the time I graduate, what I learned will already be behind? 2. I like the balance of having business and technology knowledge especially starting my own business and knowing how important this balance is in our society. 3. I don’t want to do a hardcore tech role right now but I know that I could still switch over if I change my mind. Any thoughts? Thanks

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