Daktarin Oral Gel Honest Review

I’ve had countless bouts of mouth ulcers and they’re truly a pain. Some days, I’d let them heal but there are cases where they hurt too much that they affect life quality. Today, I’m reviewing Daktarin Oral Gel which I’ve tried during my suffering with mouth ulcers.

Well, let me go straight to the point of this review. Did Daktarin work for me? No. Let me share my experience further down this review.

My Daktarin Oral Gel Experience

It was an ordinary day with a regular cut in my mouth because of my dental braces. I thought that that cut would turn into a mouth ulcer and I was right. Little did I know, it would be a larger cut and a much more painful mouth ulcer than regular.

The pain that comes with mouth ulcers are just unbearable. According to an article from DailyMail.co.uk, mouth ulcers hurt so bad because the lining in the mouth has been stripped off making the nerves closer to the surface.

So, I was doing a tad bit of research and found Daktarin for mouth ulcers. With little information, I went ahead online and bought a tube of it.

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After I got the product, I immediately put some on my mouth ulcer. I felt immediate pain after dabbing a small amount of Daktarin. Few seconds later, it became worse and I felt throbbing pain in my mouth. I have a high pain tolerance so I just sucked the pain up and trusted that it was going to be better.

After about two days of pain from Daktarin, I stopped using it since I noticed that my mouth ulcer has gotten bigger. I was like “Okay, maybe this is not just for me.” However, I kept the tube in my drawer for no reasons at all. Then, one day, a friend of mine bit this lips then got a mouth ulcer. I made him try the product and he experienced the same pain I had.

So to speak, we don’t recommend Daktarin Oral Gel for mouth ulcers.

Alternatives for Daktarin Oral Gel

If you’re frugal but want to find relief. Try the good old remedy for mouth ulcers – salt water. Warm salt water works but you have to be patient and not expect results in a day. After a few days of gargling salt water, while focusing on the area with mouth ulcer, you will see that your mouth ulcer will look smaller and it will hurt less.

But, if you’re impatient and want that mouth ulcer away the soonest. Then I would recommend Gengigel – Hyaluronic Acid. It’s an oral gel too but it’s primarily given to people with gum laceration and infection. But, my dentist recommended me to use Gengigel on my mouth ulcers and I was actually surprised that they work without any pain at all. Check out my in-depth review of Gengigel if you want to know more about the product. In my opinion this product is the best treatment for mouth ulcers (Tagalog article).

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Gengigel has now been my go-to mouth ulcer product. The only downside to it is that it isn’t that affordable and that it isn’t widely available on stores like Watsons, Mercury Drug, etc. I usually buy Gengigel from my dentist but his dental office is an hour away from me so on busy days I just order Gengigel online.


What is Daktarin Oral Gel used for?

Daktarin is a medical gel used to treat infections of the mouth. It has an active ingredient called Miconazole that destroys the fungus present in your mouth.

Is Daktarin Oral Gel safe?

Daktarin is safe to use except for pregnant women and children below 4 months old. When in doubt, seek medical advice from your doctor.

How much does Daktarin cost?

Daktarin Oral Gel Price on Watsons – 268.50 PHP. It’s the current suggested retail price of Daktarin in the Philippines. Price may vary on different stores.


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