Clients Complain BofA Drilling Safe Deposit Boxes & Losing V…

Clients Complain BofA Drilling Safe Deposit Boxes & Losing Valuables
SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX)– You may assume a secure down payment box is the best area for your most valued belongings, yet according to an expanding number of risk-free down payment box clients, you would certainly be incorrect.

When the financial institution just recently pierced as well as cleared their risk-free down payment boxes without their approval or the called for notification, 3 various Bank of America clients state they were blindsided. They claim the financial institution after that shed or harmed 10s of countless bucks well worth of home that was eliminated from those boxes.

Most stunning for some, the financial institution pierced the boxes due to missing out on account details that the consumers claim the financial institution had all along.

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15 thoughts on “Clients Complain BofA Drilling Safe Deposit Boxes & Losing V…

  1. You know that’s one reason I Left Bank of America on top of that you had have $1,000 minimum in the account to keep it open that’s ridiculous and banks are originally interest wrong accounts you don’t find that anymore they’re just criminal activity going on and on

  2. Banks use [their interpretation of] the law to steal the contents of your safe deposit box. They made a deal with the state of California where the bank can keep any financial assets, and the state can keep everything else and auction it off for profit. That’s why state regulators won’t help you either.

  3. So, the bank just decides to rob people of the valuables they’re supposed to safeguard. No wonder my local BOA closed their doors not long ago.

  4. Banks are protected by corrupt government officials. When the economy tanked in 2008 the government gave all the bailout money to the airlines and the banks. Never gonna beat the government backed thieves

  5. The actual person who drilled the box and removed the items is probably the manager and he needs to be held responsible or through a court order to tell them where their stuff is!

  6. Trust no banks that are PO Box scam Bank Net use to Run in America United States of America How big banks got caught

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