Custom Product Layout for WooCommerce like Amazon – Flatsome Theme Tutorial & UX Builder .com/watch?v=OR6XZp3AsYs

Inspired by Amazon we recreate a custom product layout with the successful 3 column layout. Give your visitors a great shop experience and customise everything with the Flatsome UX Builder. ———————————— 🌀 Tutorial: 🔥 Website: 📷 Instagram: support: 👨‍💻 📖 💬

23 thoughts on “Custom Product Layout for WooCommerce like Amazon – Flatsome Theme Tutorial & UX Builder

  1. Thankyou Seb your Tutorial brokedown many odf the features flatsome has to offer
    Excellent.. I just can’t seem to get Variation Swatch pro Version to work with the Theme.
    also The Increase on Pixels in the Layout Page -under Flatsome Theme Options works very well.

  2. please how do you get all the elements used to design the custom product page. the Woo product page element listed on your video my friend can’t fine it on his own flatsome which plugin to install to get the elements up so he can follow up your step by step process please?

    1. Make sure you first connect the UX Block as your product page. Then open up a random product and then edit the page template. So don’t open the UX builder through the UX Blocks section.

  3. Hi, I notice that a lot of your sample pages (such as your product page pack) use rounded edges for the image gallery, the border of the reviews pannel etc. I’m trying to do the same thing on my Flatsome pages but can’t figure it out. No CSS or HTML knowledge so I don’t really know where I’m looking. Could you give some tips? Much appreciated

    1. Hello CVI 👋Yes we use a lot of round corners. A lot can be done with the UX Builder, but some elements requires custom CSS. Maybe a good idea for a video tutorial on this subject. Thanks! Stay tuned.

    1. So at the moment this creation is not available anymore on my server. Soon I will release a new custom product page layout tutorial. Stay tuned.

  4. Adoro este video! resuelves muchas de mis dudas, aprendo tanto que salto de alegria! Gracias por el contenido! sigue adelante! Gracias infinitas!

  5. Mate your amazing , you helped me create a dream product category and made uxbuilder a peace of cake ! honestly i cant believe , how easy it is and how amazingly beatifull it end up ! THANK YOU

    1. Awesome to hear Dennis! Thanks for taking the time to write us. Keep up the good work. Do you have a link to share with us?

  6. Help me please. I am not getting the option of the Woocommerce for the Product Page like creating breadcrumbs or Product rating. Only the Shop options. Thank you!

    1. Make sure to open the custom product layout with the ux builder and not the ux block. Also update Flatsome to the latest version.

  7. Hi can you please tell me why my woocommerce product page elememts are not all appearing ?
    I couldn’t pass thru the other steps I only get shop elements not the product page elements please help?

  8. great video thanks, I’m usting the woocommerce one page checkout plugin, when I add this option to the custom product design it doesn’t show the checkout form, how can I solve it please?

  9. Hello, I didn’t get woo commerce products page function in ux builder can you please let me know if you used any other plugin for those elements like ( product gallery, product breadcrumb)

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