Custom Handmade Dresser In Bubinga & Curly Maple

12 drawer bubinga & curly maple dresser

This 12 drawer dresser is a companion piece to the 8 drawer dresser I showed in my most recent previous post. While the design & construction are similar, the scale & proportions of this piece are different. Because the interior of this piece is divided up asymmetrically, I found it especially beneficial to work out proportions beforehand with a scale drawing. In a chest like this one I usually graduate the height of the drawers starting with the tallest drawer at the bottom and making them smaller as they go up, but I felt like a tall drawer at the bottom of this particular piece would have spoiled its overall delicate proportions and decided to make all my drawers the same height.

dovetailed drawer details

Behind the solid wood, curly maple door are another 6 drawers making for a total of 12 in all.

So, even though this is a compact dresser, it provides a substantial amount of  nicely organized storage space.

12 drawer dresser

Like the previous dresser, this one has delicate inlaid stringing in the top. I have been doing this string inlay in many of my tops for so long that it has become something of a trademark for me.

string inlaid top

I scaled down the length of the drawer pulls from the ones on the previous dresser to better suit the proportions of this chest. Designing and fabricating each part myself allows me to make subtle adjustments to details as I build a piece.

bubinga & curly maple dresser details

Except for the drawer bottoms, which are cherry veneered plywood, this piece is made entirely of solid wood.

solid wood dresser

solid wood bubinga & maple dresser

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