Create an eCommerce Website (Online Store) with WordPress – 2021 WooCommerce Tutorial [$0 to $1000] .com/watch?v=yUSOt8Z_VsU

You’re going to learn how to create online store, so you can easily sell products online and accept payment by credit card. We will show you how to make your eCommerce website with WordPress, WooCommerce, and other plugins for a professional finish.00:16 – FINISHED DEMO✅ Activate Hosting Discount ➜ DISCOUNTED (***61% off and FREE Domain***) Code: 1DIRTYCENT (1 cent first month)========================================= OUR AGENDA ===============================GET A PROFESSIONAL WEB ADDRESS 02:25 – Get a web address for your eCommerce storeINSTALL AND ACTIVATE WORDPRESS Learn how to install WordPress and basic config before making your online store. 06:55 – Install WordPress for your Store 09:24 – Log in to WordPress 11:14 – Change your login password 12:10 – Active to let Google find your website 12:54 – Remove unnecessary PluginsECOMMERCE SETUP / ADDING PRODUCTS TO YOUR STORE This is where the fun part begins. Learn how to put the eCommerce into your website. 14:50 – Setup the store design Astra / pre-install eCommerce functionality! 18:05 – Setup WooCommerce (eCommerce for WordPress) 22:18 – Create your Product Categories 25:02 – Create ‘Simple’ Products to your store 30:29 – Create ‘Variable’ Products to your store 41:46 – Upsells and Cross Sells 44:33 – Product page URL structure 46:25 – Make Coupons for promotionsCUSTOMIZE PAGES AND CONTENT Learn how to customize content on any of your pages, and add new pages. 48:05 – Customizing content on any page – text, images, buttons, links, colors, etc 49:48 – Rearranging the order of content modules on a page 50:30 – Adding new content elements to a page 50:50 – Removing elements or modules 52:20 – Quick way to access any page to edit 52:30 – Example of things you cant edit 53:05 – Adding new pages to your store (unlimited!) 53:59 – Make new pages from pre-built templates 57:30 – Personalize your website dropdown menuACCEPTING PAYMENTS ONLINE Learn how to accept online payments from your customers. 1:00:05 – Install Stripe for WordPress WooCommerce 1:01:40 – Making an account with Strip 1:02:20 – Integrating your Strip account with your WooCommerce StoreThis will allow you to accept various payment methods, including credit card!=========================================My structured approach to help you make an eCommerce store will allow you to create one that agencies normally change $5,000+ to build. We take you through all the stages, the goal being to get your own web address, list your products, and make your first sales. Some products are simple, and some allow the customer to choose color, size, material, and various other attributes. We will show you how to list all types of products on your store!Eventually you can apply many marketing strategies including paid advertising, social media marketing, to promote your online store.It’s important to note that you will have full control of the store, and its content. Through the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, you will have full control over the products you list, the pages you have on the website. You can even add a blog as a supplement to your store for example! We even have a tutorial about that :)If you have any questions while creating your product store, let us know in the comments.============================================ Subscribe: Questions: Ask in the comments Please Thumbs up and Share! ============================================