Create a Bookkeeping Spreadsheet in Excel in 10 minutes .com/watch?v=RQMhN_R2MfU

Why not keep your Bookkeeping records in a simple Excel Spreadsheet.In this video I will create an easy to use Bookkeeping Spreadsheet that you can both expand and adapt to your specific business requirements.Created using the Excel Table tool, the finished Excel template incorporates a ‘drop down list box’ to select data and uses Excels filtering tool for you to ‘drill down’ into your data.As usual I will provide a link for you to obtain a copy of the finished product.Please use the YouTube messaging facility if you have a questions.

31 thoughts on “Create a Bookkeeping Spreadsheet in Excel in 10 minutes

    1. @Mr.SpreadSheet Thank you for your response I found out that excel online does not support the Define name under the Formulas Ribbon.

  1. Great video thank you. Can you explain what the types of payment are? is a bank payment the same as a BACS transfer?

    1. @Mr.SpreadSheet Another question – I’m doing a spreadsheet for a property manager. He uses an estate agent who have rented out one of his flats. The estate agent charge 9% of the rent so how do I enter that in the spreadsheet? Do i put the full rent and then add a minus entry for their fees?

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