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The pandemic not only disrupted education—it also thrust technology onto a sector which historically has been slow to adopt it. Will classrooms ever be the same again?00:00 How the pandemic has affected education. 03:08 Why the education sector has been slow to adopt technology. 05:02 Technology helps children have a personalised learning experience. 07:50 How technology can help teachers 09:08 Could remote learning be here to stay?Read more about the future of education: The Economist’s most recent coverage on Science and Technology: up to The Economist’s daily newsletter to keep up to date with our latest stories: has educational technology blossomed in India?: is the education system in China unfair to the poor?: going ‘back to school’ cause a spike in covid infections?:

15 thoughts on “Covid-19: how tech will transform your kids’ education

  1. it’s pretty big problem change the real school for a computer, this can be the solution for covid times but not for all

  2. it is engagement with others directly which is what was lost more than anything when school went on line. i was happy to get my son back in daycare as soon as it opened. thankfully Canadian school were only shutdown for about 4 months last year

  3. “The support to stay engaged” you mean the Moral? Moral is YOUR job. It’s not the job of the student or their parent to work on inspiring the listener or changeing the atmosphere you created. Admit it, you’re not used enought to online spaces to make use of all the available tools to make a recreational digital space aswell as a Teamwork oriented area.

    These spaces don’t even exist in traditional schools! That’s why you have NO TALENT for your job!

  4. Sry to say but here I’m against online teaching bcz em also a university student and ik how my learning outcome effected during online classes. Recent studies also shows that a student can learn more while engaging teacher directly in comparison with online learning.

  5. Oh please, this isn’t going to revolutionize learning. No tech is probably ever gonna do that. Look to Finland for how to build a great education system.

  6. Why no one talks about families who can not facilitate the online learning process?!The families who don’t have enough space at their house to create comfortable online learning environment for their children or those who need to work hard long hours to meet the expenses of their children and can’t support the e-learning process of their kids due to this?!

    It goes without saying that kids need to be at school. Learning process is not only about acquiring knowledge to be successful professionals in the future but it also helps to develop communication skills, teach them how to interact with each other and understand others. If it goes like these, I am afraid that after many years our kids are going to be isolated, depressed grown -ups. 

    I am ok with partial online learning and about applying technology ethically to help kids to succeed but I am not supporter of fully remote education system.

    All these matters should be taken into consideration by governments and educational organizations before making such huge shifts.

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