Counterfeit Gold Coins & Bars Flood the Market! .com/watch?v=ZIbGHI-NknI

If you are a coin collector, gold bug, precious metals investor or any other gold enthusiast, then you need to watch this video so that you understand what gold counterfeiting threats are out there and how to protect yourself and your gold bullion and gold coin stack!Deals & more: 🙏 Become a supporter on Patreon & get access to the exclusive Discord chat: 💰 Best Silver Deals on the Market!: 👕 Get Exclusive Silverpicker Merch:  📈 Get a Free Stocks on Robinhood!: 📬 Send “channel mail” (I’ll open it on camera): PO Box 1322 Bronx, NY 10471  🛠️ Get the same gear I use:  Instagram: @thesilverpicker  TikTok: @Silverpicker  Facebook:  Twitter: @TheSilverpicker thesilverpicker #goldcoins #investing #coincollecting

15 thoughts on “Counterfeit Gold Coins & Bars Flood the Market!

  1. Goldbacks are great, I have some in my stack, but the premiums are insane! You’ll easily pay 2 to 3 times the gold value for one, so to actually use them to make purchases where the seller is going to give you gold value for them, you’d be losing money. A lot of money!

  2. Well, my son, this episode was so fascinating to me. The jewelry investment priority plan is brilliant. It has inspired me to buy some goldbacks and give them as gifts to people with your written endorsement possibly. Also, I appreciate the family stuff in the background. Could a $5 goldback go up in value past the face value for it’s pure gold market value?
    Silverpicker, you are no counterfeit, you are the real deal.

    1. Why thank you! Glad you enjoyed! Goldbacks are already worth more than their gold content. Tough to say how much more they will go up though, beyond the price of gold increasing.

  3. I think the most safest way is to have an XRF gun. It’s costly but in the long run buying scrap gold would pay off.

  4. In light of the fact that goldbacks have the highest premium of any gold out there – even grams – and once the fad of them fades, will likely sell for less than spot due to the difficulty of extracting the gold from them, why in God’s name would anyone waste money on them?

  5. Another really interesting and useful video as always! Thanks for making these and helping lots of collectors, Silverpicker. :))

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