Columbo Logic Puzzle – Gold Coins on Penny Scale – Job Inter…

Columbo Logic Puzzle – Gold Coins on Penny Scale – Job Interview Brain Teaser
Lieutenant Columbo had to resolve not just secret criminal situations throughout at his job:-RRB-.

The problem with dime range as well as gold coins in bags existed by a killer in a situation checked out by our lieutenant (it’s not a looter, it recognize truth from the beginning;-RRB- It showed up in episode entitled “The Bye Bye High Sky Intelligence Murder Case” (yup). Columbo stated his better half addressed it.

While addressing it we will certainly see that evident resemblance of a brand-new trouble to those from the past can make points harder, not easier.

I you never ever viewed Columbo after that I suggest to offer it a possibility by enjoying any type of episode from period 1 or 2 for beginning. Practically each episode resembles great, feature-length.

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    1. Me, too. What are the odds of that happening ?:0) It’s a one hour program, but with ALL these commercials it was 90 minutes. An adv every 7-8 minutes, then a 4 minute adv. Not too enjoyable, but utube filled the void of these repeated advs. All life is anymore is just useless advertisements

  1. 83 to 3 ratio is people with a smart enough IQ to understand this compared to 3 stupid people. So 27 percent of the people who don’t get this are stupid.

    1. You just need 3 bags with 2 coins in each. Take 1 piece from 1 bag, and 2 pieces from another, leave the third one. If it weighs 3 pounds, the fake gold is in the bag you didn’t take from. 3 pounds 2 ounces it’s in the bag you took 2 pieces from. 3 pounds 1 ounce, the one you took a single piece from.
      This is the only way to solve it with a single reading.
      Idk what the hell this video was talking about

  2. There’s another solution to that, what if you put one by one of each bag, and after you weighed them , the fake coins will weight in terms of 10 , so you have 10,20,30,etc. Until you see a variation of 1 then that coin is of gold, that means 10,20,30,41 that’s the bag with gold coins

  3. You can simply put all the bags on the scale, put in the penny, get the weight, and then remove the bags 1 by 1 until you find the odd bag out by weight. This does not require you to weigh anything a second time.Your solution requires there to be a certain amount of coins in the bags, information that was not included in the question.

    1. Your solution is essentially just a workaround to weigh the bags more than once. While you only put them on the scale once, each removal would be a separate weighing.

      The essence of the logic problem is you have limited opportunities to weigh things, so I would assume the penny scale has some mechanism to enforce that.

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