Choosing Diamonds for Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide

A diamond engagement ring is a priceless precious metal that symbolizes the commitment of the two people. It is something that has to be perfect for it to be an expression of love.

Diamonds are one of the hardest minerals on Earth, but there are different shapes and colors, which make them all unique. Here are some tips on how to choose diamonds for engagement rings:

– Consider the shape. There are round diamonds, marquis (the shape of a water drop), pear-shaped (like an apple), oval-shaped (like an egg) and heart shaped diamonds;

– Consider the carat weight;

– Consider clarity;

– Consider color or hue;

How to Choose an Engagement Ring Shape?

The shape of the ring is important. It should complement your lifestyle and it should be something that you can wear confidently with any outfit.

There is a variety of shapes to choose from. From the most traditional round cut to the more modern marquise, heart, and oval cuts. No matter what your style and budget may be, you can find a ring that will complete your look perfectly. Find out more here:

Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are a timeless classic in diamond jewelry. They have a symmetrical, circular outline with sharp corners and a smooth, polished surface. The round cut is also known as the most expensive type of diamond because they have more facets than other shapes and they need to be polished extensively in order to reflect light properly

Princess cut diamonds are shaped like an oval or rectangular that is narrower in the center than at the edges.

While this makes them less costly than round cut diamonds they require more care

In contrast, Princess cuts have many facets on their surface which result in

a gem with brilliant reflections that can enhance its brilliance

Princess Cut Diamonds

A princess cut diamond is a square or rectangular shape diamond with a curved edge. It has an elongated and pointed top, and the bottom is wide and flat. The princess cut diamond gets its name from the way it looks like a princess’ gown.

Princess cut diamonds are often considered to be the most attractive shape for engagement rings. They come in different sizes, widths, and heights to suit all sorts of budgets.

Many people think that Princess Cut Diamonds are more beautiful than other shapes because there is more sparkle in them because of their corners and curves.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut diamond comes from a long line of ancestors which were prevalent in Middle Eastern cultures for centuries. The word emerald literally means “green jewel” and it was believed that these stones would ward off evil spirits and illness.

Emeralds can be found in a number of colors: green, yellow, pink, brown or blue; but they all share this common shape which contributes to their popularity here in America.

Many people opt for an emerald cut diamond because it is not as traditional as round diamonds and so has more modern appeal.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion cut is an old-school type of diamond cut that has stood the test of time. The cutter might start with a square or rectangular shape and then cut the corners off to create a rounder, “cushion-like” shape.

Some may think that this is not the best cut for diamonds because it hides the sparkle of the stone. But in reality, light enters through the top facet and bounces off in all directions to make it sparkle more than other cuts. Cushion cut diamonds are one of the most popular shapes because they are classics that never go out of style.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

A marquise cut is the most popular and desirable cut for so-called “brilliant” cut diamonds.

Marquise Cut Diamonds are the most popular and desirable type of Brilliant Cut Diamonds. The Marquise cut diamond gets its name from the French word marchese meaning marquis-a French aristocratic title. The name was chosen because of its similarity to a wide, elongated version of that shape.