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After almost five years of gracing Noble Street, the Noble Showroom is moving to a new location. Founded by ceramicist Jordan Colón and the owners of Incausa, Vinicius and Carolina Vieira de Vieira, the Noble Showroom began as a collaboration for these three friends, artisans, and business owners to host their respective brands and share their goods with the neighborhood. With Colón’s stunning pottery and Incausa’s incense, indigenous art, and more, Noble Showroom has acted as a hub for unique, sustainable, and handcrafted design.

“We love to put something beautiful together for the neighborhood to see.” 

Jordan Colón

Though they closed for three or four months during the pandemic, Colón shared that the showroom has been a safe haven throughout, and while they’re sad to say goodbye, they’re very excited to introduce the neighborhood to their new space on Java Street! Expanding their capacity for distribution, they are moving away from a retail-style storefront and into a workshop-style studio that will give the brands the opportunity to focus on production. That said, to continue supporting a direct-to-consumer business model, they intend to make the space available for customers (by appointment only), creating an environment that allows consumers to view the work in progress. More details to come!

“We’re actually making this by hand, on the wheel, in Brooklyn,” said Colón. “We’re mixing our own glazes from scratch, it’s very traditional artisanship pottery. We think people deserve to see the process and think it tells the story better of what we’re doing.”

While there is not an official closing date for the Noble Showroom yet, they do plan to shut down the store slowly, referring to it fondly as a “soft close.” Keep an eye on their Instagram to learn more.

More about the for profit and non for profit sides of Incausa:

“With the profits of our “Incausa-line” and logistics network, we are able to act as a pro bono mediator for the Indigenous productions, connecting their trade to the international market without profit share. Our study is to help support indigenous heritage and sovereignty. Building a sustainable opportunity pathway to the artisans and also the final retailers.”


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