Buying a Car for Your Family – The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Buying a Car for Your Family - The Yorkshire Dad of 4


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Whether you are buying a family car for the first time or the fifteenth, there are certain qualities and criteria you need to consider to get the best value for money and the best safety features. In this article, we explore some of the things you need to consider before buying a family vehicle. 

Vehicle Size 

Size is an important consideration when buying a family car, you need one that has space for everyone, including Rover the dog, but it’s also sensible to have one that’s bulky in case of an accident. These days, a lot of families go for a sports utility vehicle, or SUV, for these qualities. 

SUVs might be a little higher on fuel and road tax, but they have plenty of space for your family and excellent safety qualities. That said, there are plenty of other vehicles in the utility wagon dealerships that are perfect for families, so shop around and keep all your options on the table. 

Car Seats 

If you’re buying a family car, you probably have some little people to transport in the back, so you need plenty of space for car seats. Some people assume that an SUV has enough room for three car seats across the back, but that’s not always the case. Often, there is room for two. 

There’s not much point in buying a vehicle for your family if you can’t transport everyone at once, so make sure you have enough room for the number of car seats you need. If you have any doubts about the capacity of a car in the forecourt, you can always test the seats first. 

Interior Style 

Most brands have different trims on their vehicles which affects their price. If you pay for a higher trim, you might get alloy wheels, an upgraded dashboard, and better seat covers. The cheaper versions are identical mechanically, but they might have cloth-covered seats instead. 

As you might imagine, cloth-covered car seats can be a difficult thing to keep clean when you have kids in the back every day. In this case, it’s better to opt for wipable car seat covers even if the trim is a little more expensive. Wipable seat covers take a little more stress out of your life. 

Interior Space 

Another primary factor to consider when buying a new vehicle is the space and legroom in the back. Whether you intend to use the vehicle as a runaround or take it on longer excursions, you need to make sure the children are as comfortable as possible in the back to avoid complaining. 

Again, SUVs are a popular choice because they have plenty of legroom; the downside is they have higher clearance and might be harder for children to get into. Most car brands have a family car model, which takes into account the interior space for travelling and space for cargo.    

Safety Systems 

Another primary consideration for a family car is its safety features. SUVs make excellent family cars because of their dimensions; they are extra safe in the event of an accident. Other features to consider include cameras, parking sensors, and blind-spot warning devices for safer driving.    

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