Buyer Beware! These Silver Bullion coin trends NOT good! This is happening NOW .com/watch?v=06vsWO5wpAo

Buyer Beware! These Silver Bullion coin trends NOT good! This is happening NOW#gold #coins #silverDisclaimer: At times I will share MY thoughts and opinions but they are exactly that “My” opinions. I do NOT give adviseOn my channel I may speak about precious metals,and maybe cryptocurrencies at times among other topics including but not limited to other “markets,” and current events. I am not a financial adviser and do not charge anyone for my videos/opinions, this channel is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. My views/statements are ONLY my opinions that I have formed on my stacking/collecting journey. You are responsible for your own stacking, trading, investing, etc. Please do your research I am not responsible for your actions. I would highly advise seeking advice from a licensed financial advisor. Not from me

20 thoughts on “Buyer Beware! These Silver Bullion coin trends NOT good! This is happening NOW

  1. How many people caught my Royal screw up in this video? :) Please smash that thumbs up button! Thank you all for watching!

  2. Britannias are sweet, the premiums are going up because they are cheaper than the ASE and people are buying more foreign coins.

  3. You are right brother that the premium is just FOMO. I think the only thing that will hold premiums will be the Royal Mints transition set to Charles; if they do a set. Thanks brother

  4. I think it’s good these coins with Queen Elizabeth II are rising. These are very beautiful coins, Silver Wolverine. If premiums are rising on crap silver coins like the American Silver Eagle, why should the premiums not rise for these coins. The Type 2 Eagle also has a missing reed, many Eagles also have lots of milk spots. Why are people paying a lot for these crap coins and not paying more for exceptionally beautiful coins like the Britannia, The Maple, the Kookabura.

  5. Agree: too many with the queen on the coin. It will take a coordinated effort for all of the mints to switch over at the same time. Unless there is a type 1/type 2 thing in 2023 I think all 2023 coins that currently have the queen on them will continue that way. 2024 will be the beginning of the change starting with the Britannia.

  6. Most definitely the premiums on those are getting up there too much for to common a bullion coin. Nice touch on the ASE’ s there at the last, i quit buying those sometime ago. The higher than a cats back premiums not for me

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