Buy ANY silver bullion. You can’t mess it up! Silver price and premiums crashing, buy the dip! .com/watch?v=YWOIKDiABbY

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23 thoughts on “Buy ANY silver bullion. You can’t mess it up! Silver price and premiums crashing, buy the dip!

  1. Lol. My digital silver is tanking. But my physical silver shopping cart is getting bigger and bigger 😎

  2. I dont see falling prices at the European market, no matter how low the spot price gets. Also if you buy bars in Europe, you are paying more per oz. Strange.

    1. I’ve been eyeballing those. I went with a pair of 10 oz bars to start but may grab a tube.

  3. That Perth mint kilo is gorgeous! I miss my kilo bars :( need to pick some up. That chunky cube is next level. Been loving the 10ozers as of late.

  4. Buy it while you can and wait it’s better than a savings account or a 401k , A Gift from the sky,,, Buy

    Buy Buy Physical, Any fiat left Repeat, They can’t print Silver /Gold , Buy Silver, then Eat,sleep,

    CBDC’s and Crypto need Electricity and the Net , They can Never be Honest Money on a Scale like Silver

    and Gold

    Satoshi Nakamoto Means your Death , Your wealth is at the Whim of Others Blockchain was Made to Keep

    the Wealthy

    holding Wealth and The Undereducated Broke

    Do you want to be the reason your grandkids get Killed by Digital Programmable Money ?

    Digital Programmable Money . CBDC’s like China , Everything like China for your descendants .your fault


    Digital Money is a threat to Mankind , The End Result is we die leaving the children with their Doom

    and Demise

    Commodities are one of the most attractive sectors to invest in at the moment.

  5. I’ve been buying Mexican silver for the collection but now that my roll is full I may just start looking at fully stacking for weight again.

  6. Yah the prices are coming down cuz the big bullion guys know the spot price is getting ready to tank!…

  7. You can mess up. Buying silver bars sucks they bring in very low low premiums. Don’t buy bars

    1. Thanks for the comment, but I could not disagree more, and I’ll explain why.

      If you pay a $2 per oz premium on a bar, and then sell it for $1 per oz under spot, you need spot to have increased by at least $3 or take a loss at sale.

      In comparison, if you buy an American Silver Eagle for $11 per oz over spot, then sell it for $6 over spot, you need spot to have increased by $5 or take a loss at sale.

      So you see, eagles are a bad buy right now. You didn’t say in your comment what you would rather buy over bars, but you would want to perform the same analysis.

    2. Ok but let’s talk big number it’s the opposite of what you just said your bars will bring in lol numbers while my eagles bring in big numbers. I’m stacking for a long time so when the numbers all increase coins win all the way around. Bars only win with low spot prices. So when the silver goes to maybe 50 I can pull another 65 to 70 each coin while you pull 52 55 from a bar. You see why coins are better.

    3. Plusssss bars will always run with spot price my coins run with many aspects that make them worth way more than the value of a plain ol bar

    4. @All American Stacker in your example of $50 spot and selling a coin for $65 or $70, you don’t mention what coin you’re talking about. If it’s an eagle, I doubt that scenario ever becomes a reality. If spot runs up that high, buyers will want the metal for the metal, period. They won’t care it’s an eagle. Probabilities are that you won’t get that premium. If you do, you’re looking at much more than a $2 premium on a bar.

      If you’re talking about semi numismatics, then sure. You could see higher premiums on a peer to peer sale but you’d have to be willing to put in the work.

      If premiums between a bar and an eagle we’re closer, like they used to be a few years ago, then sure. Id agree. The eagle was the better buy. But not in today’s market. Buying eagles is not wise.

  8. Anyone notice hoe premiums are going up? I bout 10 oz last week when silver was $20.28 for cheaper than 10 oz going for right now, with the spot down around $19.30… wtf? 🙄🤦‍♂️

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