Bullion Dealer Explains How to SAFELY Store Your Silver

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=EvINBjCENGM

In this video we talk to Jake Haugen from Hero Bullion and he explains how to safely store your silver. We talk about vaulting your silver vs storing at home. We also talk about where the best place to hide your silver is. When it comes to properly and safely storing your silver bullion bars and silver bullion coins you need to make sure you handle your silver properly. The best place to store your silver bullion can be a heavy hidden safe. We also go over some of the worst places to store your silver and where you should avoid. We also talk about the proper tubes, capsules, and flips to use as well! Safely storing your silver should be a priority and we hope that these silver storing tips can be helpful. Remember that when you are silver stacking you need to properly handle the silver as well and we cover that in this video. Should you vault your silver? Where should you store your silver? Best place to store silver? We cover all of those in this video as well.Hero Bullion:

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