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Check out Episode #2 of this series here: & Code Vlog (Episode #1) | Today I will be building the first iteration of my personal website, and bringing you along my journey.Make sure you stay tuned until the end of the video to see the final results!Check out Episode 2 of this series here (Building an Art Portfolio Website):🌱 Check out my personal website here 🌱 ↳📱Purchase my app icons & wallpaper sets here 📱 ↳📷 : 🎶 : 💌 : [email protected] 🛍 : 📌 : ⌨️ : 💬 : you Idenati for sponsoring today’s video! Definitely check out Idenati, it’s completely free to use and has been super awesome helping me stay organized and feeling refreshed while surfing the web! ↳┄┄┄ Timestamps ┄┄┄ 0:00 Intro 👋🏼 1:45 Starting The Day: Vanilla Iced Coffee 3:48 Moodboarding & Brainstorming 7:30 Designing Moodboard on Figma 9:18 Lunch Time! Salad & Daily Harvest Smoothie 11:48 Sketching Low-Fidelity Wireframe on iPad 12:45 Designing High-Fidelity Wireframe on Figma 14:36 Start Coding + Bringing Design To Life! 15:13 Final Reveal of My Website!┄┄┄ Other Videos of Mine You’ll Also Enjoy! ┄┄┄ Design & Code With Me Ep. 2 — MySweetChub’s Art Portfolio Website: 👩🏻‍💻 My *New* 2021 Work From Home Workspace & Desk Setup (Warm, Cozy, & Zen): 🎨 My Process for App Design, Ideation, & Getting Inspired:┄┄┄ Websites For Productivity, Design, Development ┄┄┄ Here’s some of the websites that I featured in my “Design & Development” category in my Idenati!Productivity // 📝🗓 ↳ ↳ https://clubhouse.comDesign // 🧑🏻‍🎨🎨 ↳ ↳ ↳ ↳ ↳ https://khroma.coDevelopment // 👩🏻‍💻⌨️ ↳ ↳ ↳ ↳ ↳ ↳┄┄┄ Featured Items ┄┄┄By clicking and/or purchasing from these affiliate links, I get a small commission (at no cost to you) ♡. This helps me out a lot to fund my future videos and creations! 🌸My desk setup & tech gear links here!📷 Fujifilm X-T2:┄┄┄ Music Featured ┄┄┄Sign up for Thematic here for warm & cozy beats for your content!↳ BGM President // Brunch II: ↳ Mr. Jello // Timeless Memory: ↳ Mr. Jello // No Going Back:┄┄┄ About Maisy Leigh ┄┄┄ Hi! I’m Maisy, and I’m sharing my story of how I live a cozy lifestyle, find peace, and create new things. I’m a visionary, frontend engineer and designer – and I love ideating solutions that facilitate people’s everyday lives, sketching them out and bringing them to life.I’ve embarked my content creating journey to share my story, as I navigate life. I love being able to share my creativity through this platform.I love composing my own songs on the piano, gardening, playing video games, drinking matcha and coffee, archery, hiking, interior designing, ideating & wire framing app ideas, graphic design, and engineering.┄┄┄ Copyright 2021. MAISYLEIGH © All rights reserved. ┄┄┄ #Design&CodeVlog #SoftwareEngineer #Designer #PersonalWebsite #UXDesigner #WebDevelopment #WebDesign #CodingVlog #DesigningVlog