Bookkeeping ( Simplified | Taglish) Accounting Series Ep.1 #CWMV .com/watch?v=RPVIjuY9Xu4

Welcome to our very first video!Let’s have coffee ☕️ … and discuss about bookkeeping. Simplified, Tagalog-English explanation.This is the first episode on our #AccountingSeriesIf you have a topic that you want me to discuss, please comment down below.For bookkeeping, accounting services or tutorials: Facebook: 💌 [email protected] ☎️ +63 2 819 2228Disclaimer: This is just an overview of the topic.#Bookkeeping #Accounting #Business #Tagalog #Finance #Debit #Credit #DoubleEntry

19 thoughts on “Bookkeeping ( Simplified | Taglish) Accounting Series Ep.1 #CWMV

  1. Grade 12 ako and meron kaning ganto sa entrepreneurship namin na subject. Thank you mas naintindihan ko pato kesa sa 3 pages explanation sa module. Dito 2 examples lang gets ko na agad

  2. Sana mas madaming pang videos about bookkeeping. And how to pass Bookkeeping nc3.. ung step by step process ng bookkeeping Sana.. thanks

  3. very informative gusto ma learn ang book keeping as book keeper. in my hiskul days my bookkeeping subject kmi in third year hiskul.

  4. Very well explained..super straight to the point ang discussion…Hope to watch more of this..Thank you for sharing …God bless and more power..❤❤❤

  5. thank.u new subacriber..sna tuloy2 po gw helpful.po matandaan.not complicated😆

  6. Gusto ko yong paliwanag mo kc hindi nakakalito, sana upload ka pa ng paraming vedios about Bookkeeping. God Bless You More!

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