Book Blogger Binge: Books, Magic, and a Brand New Year


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d new year is upon us my friends. And what better way to kick off the first week of 2019 than to look at some fantastic blog posts!

These are just a handful of the awesome posts I’ve seen across the book blogging community. So many of you are talking about your goals, your hopes, your fears, and all of the amazing books that you can’t wait to read. It’s so inspiring to see so much enthusiasm from so many book nerds like myself.

I hope all of you see great success in 2019!

In this post, Hannah looks back on her 2018 in a heartfelt and sincere post. I think writing about her experiences is such a brave thing to do, especially since 2018 was such a rocky year. I am glad that she is able to see the good in amongst the struggles, and I think this is a definite read for anyone who is looking for a sincere read to start their year. You are incredibly courageous, Hannah. I hope 2019 brings you all the happiness you deserve.

Don’t know what to add to your TBR list for 2019? You won’t be feeling that after you read this! The Book Bratz discuss their most anticipated books of 2019, in their usual charming way. There are a number on here that I’ve already added to my list. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new book to read!

To anyone looking for a reading challenge this year, Whiskers and Ink is a good place to start. In this post, they discuss what the Diversity Book Challenge is, and what books they will be reading for it. This is a great place to start if you are looking to diversify your reading list, and I highly recommend giving this a read!

We all love magic in fantasy. But what makes a good magic system become a great magic system? In this post, Avhlee discusses her top tips on writing magic, whilst showing off her fantastic photography skills. This is a great read for any fantasy nerds looking for a little inspiration, or anyone who is interested in the magical world!

The structure of this book review is what made it so interesting for me. Not only does Chrikaru offer their own opinions about the book – discussing her first impressions, what she liked about it, what she didn’t etc. – but she also discusses how this book can be used within a classroom. Better still, she recommends other book blogger reviews, so that anyone can get a well-rounded opinion before deciding to read. Thoughtful, succinct, and very well written, this is a great review to kick off the New Year.

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