Best value grow light for a 4 x 4 or 120cm x 120cm grow tent


Shop MIGRO ARAY (global shipping): Amazon US store (Free US shipping): orders: Contact us at [email protected] for a quotationI have tested 13 of the best grow lights for a 4ft x 4ft or 1.2m x 1.2m grow tent and compare them for PAR output, efficiency and value for money.Full blog post with DISCOUNT LINKS & PAR charts here: 4ft x 4ft or 1.2m x 1.2m grow area is one of the most popular grow tent sizes and also a common modular size for commercial grow setups. There are a large number of grow lights on the market for 4 x 4 grow areas including a lot of commercial grade fixtures so there is a lot of competition and great value for money.To maximise the potential yield from the space you need about 400 to 500 watts of high efficiency LED lighting to achieve an average of 700 to 800 µmols PAR intensity. Some fixtures are in the 800 watt range and designed to delivery very high average PAR intensity of about 1,200 µmols which would require CO2 supplementation to make use of the high light intensity.Ideally the light fixture will be suitably sized to cover the area evenly i.e. the fixture is rectangular and close to the physical size of the grow tent. The PAR chart is shown below for each model so you can judge the best solution for your grow space.Spectrum All of the lights have a mixture of mid temperature white LEDs with 660nm reds to improve their electrical and photosynthetic efficiency. Therefore all of the grow lights tested are full spectrum and suitable for growing from seed to harvest.Grow light comparison method The comparison chart uses the results from Shanes PAR output and efficiency tests to calculate and compare the total cost of each fixture to deliver an average PAR of 750µmols/m²/second over 1m² grow area over a 3 year period. The 3 year costing includes the cost of the fixture and adds the electricity costs at 17c/KW hour over 14 hours per day average.Lights tested: Spider Farmer SE7000 MARS Hydro FC8000 MIGRO ARAY 8 Pandvillow MATE 400W Growers Choice ROI-E420 Hyphotonflux HPF4000 Viparspectra KS5000 MARS Hydro FC4800 Spider Farmer SF4000 Forever Green Indoors Uniformity Pro flex Protech 430W Lumatek/Photontek 465W ProFollow us:Instagram:

19 thoughts on “Best value grow light for a 4 x 4 or 120cm x 120cm grow tent

  1. What is going on here in the led world I have not looked at leds for years but what I can see is the wattage of the fixtures has gone through the roof and the price is sky high too what happened to the low wattage and reasonable prices. Good tip about the co2 I didn’t know that. I want to run 2 600w hps and 2 led’s in a 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 room I want to avoid using co2 but want the highest powered leds to cover the space

  2. I have one question for you.

    I want to cover a tiny little 4x4ft space..

    I want to use the least amount of power possible for that space.. but I dont want to go under what is acceptable for a good quality yeild.

    In the past the most efficient lighting solution I have been able to cover this space with was a hid light it was a 315w CMH light..

    I often hear alot about how LED is the new technology and I more efficient than HID Lighting..

    Please quickly show me to the LED lighting section that covers my 4x4ft space for less watts then 315.

    1. Hi,

      A 315w CMH is under powered for a 4ft x 4ft space, most growers would put two 315w CMH or one 600w HPS in that area.

      Our ARAY 8 is 500 watts and covers a 4ft x 4ft space and will outperform both of the setups mentioned above.


  3. I’m looking for an LED fixture kit. To be built, soldered, and oriented by oneself. I can’t find anything online. If anyone has any direction on kits let me know.

  4. J’ai rien compris. C’est laquelle la meilleure ? Et sur quel site on peut l’acheter pour se la faire livrer à la Réunion ?

  5. I think that it’s prefered to have a LED light that has a good amount of overhead so that they can be dimmed down. What I understood is that LED run more efficient when they run on 50% of their maximum capicity.

  6. You dont need to run co2 on high powered lights. Just dim them accordingly. There are percentage/height/par stats out there for pretty much all of them.

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