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🌟🌟Get your 30-days free trial to the apps listed in the video🌟🌟 Patriot: Quickbooks Payroll: Paychex Flex: Square Payroll: Gusto:►Timestamps◄ 00:00 Introduction 01:00 Square Payroll 02:16 Quickbooks Payroll 03:50 GustoFind the best payroll software for your business: & analyze multiple software options all at once with 9to5Software!Everyone loves payday—except, that is, the payroll administrator. Paying employees (as well as contractors and freelancers) is the most complex element of small business accounting. It’s also the scariest. Not only do you have to produce checks and direct deposits that are 100 percent accurate, but you also have to make certain that the underlying calculations—taxes, benefits, and other withholding—are also correct down to the penny.Hello everyone, this is James from Here we’ll look at some of the best payroll software currently available on the market, and also include further options to consider, as you can opt for specific expense tracker apps or even customer accounts.Check out the links in the comments to get a free trial and a discount to the applications we look at. Before further ado, let’s get started.

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