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★★★ I share my long painful journey of figuring out the best payroll service for my business. Gusto with $100 Bonus (referral link) ➡️ you for using my referral link because you’ll get an extra $100 and a free month of service. I’ll also benefit from it but I also hope Gusto saves you a lot of frustration that I wish I didn’t have to go through. I sincerely appreciate your support.Disclaimer- I am not an attorney or a CPA, just a small business owner who has researched this information thoroughly for my own business.

25 thoughts on “Best Payroll Service in 2022 (Paychex vs ADP vs Gusto vs Quickbooks)

  1. I’ve had a terrible time with Gusto. One can’t even click the box to show that we have a retirement plan – one has to wait on their folks to do it. Two years in a row they have filed our W-2s before they were correct even though they were asked not to file yet. Not happy. If you just need really basic payroll and nothing out of the ordinary, then I guess they would be fine.

    1. Gusto is awful, I had to delay payroll twice on my first time ever using gusto because they kept requesting for an updated screenshot of my bank information even though I have sent them an updated screenshot when they originally requested. They took over two weeks until I had to reach out to them directly and request an update. I called him a total of three times and each time they asked for a new updated screenshot. It didn’t make sense has nothing has changed on my bank info as well as the date and time was present. I canceled them and I’m going with ADP instead

    1. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the customer service I received from Paychex was some of the worst I’d ever received.

      I think I mentioned in the video but just no show after no show for meetings and one guy wreaked of cigs… not impressed!

  2. Pete,the pet you still have time to 🚶🎠🚶🎠 go. Don’t settle for a bathroom ,buy a bed instead.

  3. I work for ADP. Our software is actually pretty good and we have been updating our technology consistently.

    1. @NoHacks There could be multiple reasons. Have you talked to customer service? Your banking information could have been inputed incorrectly. Let me know if you need a number.

    2. @Nicholas Rosado That is a shame to see. We definitely are not perfect, but have there been representatives helping you fix the issues?

  4. Yes, Paychex was started in early 70’s for the intention of small businesses (less than 100 employees). Through the years and many services later, support is where I find them lacking now. Also, since Golisano left the business their ideology has changed… they are now very informal. That might work, but it is very different than early years. I am someone that used them in the early 80’s with my parents company (10-15 employees)… and then went to work for them in the early 90’s. I’m from Rochester and know this is a workplace that was very prominent in the area. Currently working at a company that utilizes Paychex but find trying to get answers very difficult. We are looking at alternatives. At this point, it all comes down to customer services. Preferences – different strokes for different folks. The needs of one business vary to the next. Thank you for your insight.

    1. Yes I found the customer support really bad at my last business. We had meetings with reps and repeated no shows, one rep wreaked of cigs, they were a pain to setup the 401k. Not sure if gusto would be the way for ya though as it’s more of an intuitive platform than a high touch one.

    2. Hey Tina! My name is Chase Brown and I work with ADP. i`d like to connect with you on how ADP can help solve your issues!

  5. ADP is completely set up online and has every feature/service you could think of needing for your business. HR, payroll, benefits, Time and Attendance, Garnishment Payment services. Full phone and real person chat support all week. ADP doesn’t liek the subscription format so they charge you per payroll and offer crazy promotion discounts. You can convince a sales consultant for a permanent % discount on all payrolls and get several months of free payrolls to begin. The ADP RUN interface UI I think is amazing and very user friendly with tips and knowledge articles for everything and help is always a chat away.

  6. Wait, I reached the ADP portion and heard you said, “I haven’t personally used it.” If you HAVE NOT personally used a software, how can you give HONEST UNBIASED review on it? That’s like giving an opinion on starbucks coffee when you’ve never had it before? *FAcepalm*’

    Business is like marriage, you gotta try things out and see if it works. No offense, you’re a human and I respect you’re trying to be successful. This research needs implementation next time. That’s how research is most effective, eh?

  7. Thank you, sir, VERY helpful video, very informative, and relevant earned my like, subscription, and interest in GUSTO software will be discussing it with my wife in the morning!

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