Best LED Grow Lights for a 4×4 for Under $600 in 2023


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20 thoughts on “Best LED Grow Lights for a 4×4 for Under $600 in 2023

    1. Who said he didn’t know that?

      He’s telling you who implemented IR CHIPS INTO THEIR FIXTURE. Not who has a percentage in their white diodes, which is every single other light, which would just be plain dumb to even mention?

    2. @93DeeLuxxxBud. More than 4-5% FR causes stem elongation. Why would you want that? There is zero need for extra FR an unless it’s for a specific crop.

    3. @93DeeLuxxx Why would he not mention that? By omission he implies three others lack FR altogether. Most people aren’t aware that there is already sufficient in white diodes. Is this not the whole purpose behind his job, to accurately convey relevant information to a wide audience. Not just us nerds in the know?
      Anyone can read a spec sheet. Wow indeed.

  1. You’re video reviews helped me tremendously when it came time to make a decision on my latest LED grow light purchase. Thank you!

  2. Highest output lowest price
    Maybe explain why low wattage
    Are used and where. Are homeowners concerned about efficiency I want the best spread Highest par with and without co2
    Only by class 400watt – 500watt ect.. not the size of figures by weight class like fighters. And I like how you put in best used like this then crank it up.

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