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BEST IT CERTIFICATIONS | TOP 10 CERTIFICATIONS FOR 2021 | Information Technology Management | MIS#BEST IT CERTIFICATIONS | TOP 10 CERTIFICATIONS FOR 2021 #BESTITCERTIFICATIONS | TOP10CERTIFICATIONSFOR2021 #ITCERTIFICATIONSSince I have began making videos about careers and degrees I’ve received many questions about which certifications are beneficial. So I’ve done the research and compiled a list of 10 certifications that will help you grow your career and your salary.Subscribe Here: book my time career coaching and mentorship please use the link below: to Merchandise: https://blackheights.myteespring.coOur Website 👉 Our Social Media – 👉Facebook – @blackheights 👉Instagram – @blackheightsinc…Join The Black Heights Newsletter at:

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41 thoughts on “BEST IT CERTIFICATIONS | TOP 10 CERTIFICATIONS FOR 2021 | Information Technology Management | MIS

  1. Great information, I have to save this one for future reference. I appreciate all the information. 👍🏾✊🏾✌🏾

    1. @Black Heights – Advancing Your Career everything is fine, I’m moving in the right direction. I will be contacting soon, just not soon enough ✌🏾

  2. Great content brother! As someone who holds a CISSP, CCSP, CISM, PMP, ITIL and AWS solutions architect. Possessing the carts and skills have proved invaluable in my career! I am continually encouraging young people to pursue a career in technology.

    1. As far as the pay grade for each, was he pretty spot on? What about someone with no tech experience starting out? I’m sure all the figures he mentioned were for folx with experience, no? Also? Where do u get experience? Help.

    2. My brother @Dietrich Robinson Man, you are doing big things. I would love to have you on a show one day to tell your story. Helluva resume you must have. Congrats and keep at it

    3. @mama cocolilo Getting experience is going to depend on what exactly you want to do. One of the easiest on ramps into tech will be starting in the help desk. Getting certifications like CompTia A+ and Network + can aid you in getting those roles. After that I would look at CompTia security + certification and maybe a Linux certifications. These skills should set you up well. Hope this helps.

  3. Great info. Thanks for that. I dont have BBQs. I have “carne asada” and ur definitely welcome to come, 😆 lol.

    1. you prolly dont give a shit but if you are stoned like me atm then you can watch all the latest series on InstaFlixxer. Been watching with my brother for the last days =)

    1. Brother @Gabe A I hope all is well man. Hell yea I had to shout you out💪🏾

  4. I wouldn’t call the cissp common. You need 5 years experience to even qualify for it and it’s a $700 test that is going to be $750 soon. I passed it the first time though 😁. It’s definitely a nice cert to have.

    1. Thanks for the info and great job! To americans it may not be common but to other groups it certainly is

  5. Thanks for the video sir! As a post graduate in Computer Science, I am trying to separate myself from the rest!

  6. Which certification do you think would go best with a Bachelors degree in Accounting?

    I was initially looking at the Google ux design certificate.

    Looking to get a business type job within the Tech industry….maybe like project manager or business analyst

    1. @Black Heights – Advancing Your Career Nice I will look into that! Would you recommend the Google certification program for this as well?

  7. Not true. I have CompTIA network+ and CCNA certification and I cannot find a job at all. From my understanding from the person who not only taught and helped me get my CCNA but he works for the federal government and he said to the entire class that those two certifications will not land you a network engineering job.

  8. I’m almost on my way to getting my bachelors in MIS in a year. Should I still get these certifications?

    1. Great job. If you think you will need a cert for a specific role that you are targeting, yes.

  9. What are certs that are necessary to be a tech pm ? I have a PMP , PMI ACP and six sigma green belt from ASQ. My background is in logistics. But transitioning to a SAAS company. Your videos opened my eyes further to a tech pivot.

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