Best Ideas for Social Media Campaign Management


of the people spend their time on social media. Daily, people spend 40 minutes on YouTube, 35 minutes on Facebook, 25 minutes Snapchat, 15 minutes on Instagram, 1 minute on Twitter. Overall, 2 billion active users present on Facebook, 1 million on Instagram, 336 million on Twitter and numbers increase continuously. To run a social media campaign is the need of today’s world.

Social media marketing is the biggest opportunity for a business nowadays. Consumers are present on social media for multiple purposes and marketers know it very well. That’s why it is easy to target your business-based audiences through social media.

Every day people use their smartphones. While travelling, shopping, or resting they are looking forward to deals and offers. If your business provides these type of services it is crucial to connect people across the globe and promote your business across the world.

It is cost effective, more impact full and effective way to attract customers and engage with your brands. In today’s world, it is really difficult to imagine the presence of our business without social media. You can reach your target audiences, increase brand quality, create brand awareness, engage with your potential customers, increase website traffic, and drive sales towards your business.

Social Media is a crucial platform to promote your business, products, services or any sales-oriented business. Nowadays, it is a trend to market your products on social media. To run this type of programs you need to create a strategy.

What Is A Social Media Campaign?

A social media campaign creates to reach desired goals or to promote business on different social networking channels with marketing efforts. You can reach country-to-country and door-to-door by using social media networks.

How To Set Social Media Campaign Goals?

Improve Brand Awareness:

The first step to promote your business on social media is to create brand awareness. Without knowing your brand how people know about your products or services? You have to create brand awareness and you have to put your product in a picture. So, people know about your business. Your business can increase brand awareness by promoting it on different social media platforms. Now, hashtags are in trend. Use attractive, unique hashtags, invite people to like your business pages, tell them to tag their friends. It does not take a long time to spread your business globally. But your business products should attract people and services you provide is useful as well as helpful to them.

According to 91% marketers, they experienced lots of brand visibility by only sending few hours on social media per week.

Apple’s “shot on iPhone” is the best example of it.


Connect with your audience:

Connect your audience on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Whatsapp. If you want to share your message through images or infographics then you can use Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest. You have to share simple and short message use Twitter. You have to share articles or great content using Facebook. The choice is yours. Many platforms are available to connect your audience.

You can connect your audience at the initial level or advanced level. On an initial level, you can interact them and allow them to like, share or comment on your contents. On an advanced level, you get them to feel close to your brands and products. It helps to engage them and gives them familiar feeling about your business brand.

Coca-Cola is one of the greatest examples of it. They run to share a coke campaign your name is written on a bottle and it achieved a great success.


Increase website traffic:

Social media help to boost a website traffic. Create your bio and give your website link into your bio. It earns a trust of people, avoids confusion, and increases chances of conversion for your business. While creating a campaign on social media one thing you have to keep in your mind, users have no patience, want more information in limited time and chances of loose interest quickly. So, keep things simple, engaging, and informative.

Your campaign team must be responsive to your followers, queries asked by people. Add your website or URL of the landing page on your social post.


Drive sales:

Marketers want to attract more customers to the brand. They continuously excite customers about their brand and products. They want to increase sales. You can attract customers by showing videos, images or write engaging content.

How to create a social media marketing campaign:

Reach to your customers have many ways on social media.

Research Your Competitor:

It is the most important part while creating any campaign. To know who your completion is, which social media strategy they used, research on their activities so it is helpful to grow in your business.

Set Your Target Audience:

Always remember one thing throughout social media campaign whom you have to connect with a why? It is your top priority to set your target audiences. Without setting a target, if you try to do a social media campaign then it fails to attract more customers. Creating a strategy is essential to stand out your business from the crowd. Consider current trend is always beneficial. You have to act yourself and look forward to the current trend. Because most of the people follow current trends.

Be Short, Simple And Informative:

You provide a garbage, long content without any useful information then it directs impact on your business. So, try to make it simple, brief, and useful to customers.

Create Unique, Compelling Visual Content To Engage With Your Customers:

You create a post on social media. Your readers give a comment, show concern on your post, or ask some queries then it is your responsibility to give them satisfied solutions within 24 hours. It does not only increase your brand loyalty but also gain the trust of customers.


Choose Content Type And Format:

You have to choose which type of campaign you have to run and on which platform.

Manage Your Results:

No matter how you create your campaign, but it is always excitation is at a high level to know your campaign’s performance. You can track it by Google Analytics or Hubspot’s social metric and monitoring tool.


Promote Your Business:

Promote your content as much as possible. But try to avoid bombarding of it on customers. Promote one message throughout your campaign on different social media platforms. So, people watch the same thing over and over and your business can earn the respect of customers. According to market expert repletion of messages build brand quality in customer’s mind. Balance your promotional as well as non-promotional content. Therefore, people pay attention otherwise if you run only paid content then users neglect it. Your content should be unique and engage with your audience regularly. The hashtag is in trend use it while promoting a business.

Always scheduling is not possible. So, use software to schedule your content. Time plays an important role in campaigns. People attract on live streaming use it and take an advantage. Facebook, Instagram a YouTube live is options available to you.

The Major Plus Of Social Media Campaign:

  • It is possible for two-way communication.
  • It allows sharing their views freely on a campaign by the targeted audience.
  • It is easy to access.
  • You can start it with limited resources.
  • Context has a great sign in a social media campaign.
  • It is cost-efficient.

Tools For Tracking Social Media Marketing Campaigns:

There are several tools available to track your social media campaigns. You can use them and easily track your social media channels performance.


It uses to manage online brands and to submit messages on different social media networking platforms.
It includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Mixi.

Many organizations use it such as:

  • Panasonic
  • Zappos
  • Facebook
  • HBO
  • Obama administration and many more.


Use of HootSuite:

  • You can monitor multiple streams at one place.
  • HootSuite provides team management facility. So, you can give access to other team members without sharing your social media account password.
  • It can manage customer service on Twitter.
  • You can get free reports from emails.


  • It is a part of Twittersphere.
  • It stands out due to best price as well as its multi-columned layout and scheduling content.


Use of TweetDeck:

  • It can manage multiple accounts.
  • It tracks real-time timeline streaming.
  • Manage Multiple Timelines, Searches, Lists, Mentions and More in Columns.
  • You can schedule tweet on it.
  • Get notification and alerts.


It has various potential advantages. You can use different types of social media channels like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It reduces marketing cost. It reaches to various countries, regions so many engagements have done of people who are interested in your products or services. It helps to increase your sales and automatically it diverts traffic on your website. It improves your search engine ranking. More customer engagement gives an opportunity for customer feedback. You can access a greater international market. It provides one more opportunity for you to conduct market research about your customers as well as improve networking opportunities with customers and other businesses.

Aware While Creating A Social Media Campaigns:

  • Your marketing or social media strategy must be clear otherwise it fails to give a satisfactory result.
  • You have to require additional resources while creating a social media campaign.
  • You should be alert, active and need continuous monitoring throughout your campaign.
  • It involves risk because it has an online presence. It involves hacking, leaking your important information and negative feedback.

How Social Media Campaign Is Useful For Your Business?

Nowadays we can see everywhere a digital transformation. The craze for social media is reaching at the apex. Most of the people are socially active and looking something fresh, new, and interesting content on social media. In this digitization era we must be the part of this evolution to improve brand awareness, brand loyalty, engage with your customers, more brand authority, increase website traffic, and to meet your desired goals.

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