BenQ Monitors One Year Free Pantone Connect Premium

In a very cool move, BenQ is providing owners of select Photographic Monitors one-year Free access to their Pantone Connect Premium service.

“New BenQ SW and PD series purchasers and existing owners can get one FREE year of the new Pantone Connect Premium, which brings many benefits to your smart device without the need for cumbersome equipment like a colourimeter.”

“BenQ and Pantone: Pantone is the world’s leading authority on professional colour. BenQ shares the same passion for colour accuracy and accessibility. Since 2015, we have worked with Pantone very closely together to ensure BenQ monitors deliver the best colour in the world for photographers, video editors, and designers, especially professionals that work on Mac ® devices. BenQ has received several World Firsts from Pantone acknowledging our commitment to colour accuracy.”

Four Easy Steps to take advantage of a Years Free Pantone Connect

  1. Own or purchase an eligible product.
  2. Redeem your Code online with the serial number
  3. Receive your Redemption Code
  4. Activate Pantone!

There is a great video here on how to redeem this offer as well as what the benefits are of using Pantone. If you are a portrait photographer working with skin tones or a commercial photographer then there are very significant benefits to working with Pantone colours and the new Pantone Connect makes it easier than ever. More info and to redeem HERE

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