Prior to and also After Braces At The Orthodontic Centre

21 thoughts on “Prior to and also After Braces At The Orthodontic Centre

  1. It’s so satisfying to see the results. I finished my treatment recently, and I would advise anyone who has crooked teeth to get braces as soon as possible. The sooner you get braces, the better the results are.

  2. I had really cricked teeth 3 months ago aka when I got braces on and I already have power chains on top

  3. getting my braces little late, in my 20’s. dentist had to remove my 4 teeths, I felt very sad cause I have lost 2 teeths for carries and underwent Root canal treatment for them and these 4 were perfectly healthy and they had soo strong roots doctor was literally taking breaths in between. I wish I could replace/remove my damaged ones with these good teeths but dentist told me it can’t be done, sad.

    1. You should look up Karin Badt’s medium article Titled…

      “Extracting Premolar Teeth for Orthodontic treatment: the risks”

      There has been so many people who were screwed over, or even deceived by Orthodontists and/or dentists into having teeth removed for braces. And were NOT told of serious adverse effects (E.g adverse changes in smile/facial appearance, reduced tongue space, long-term jaw joint issues, exacerbated breathing issues etcetera, and just to name some)

      American airway-focused Orthodontist, ‘Dr William “Bill” Hang’ mentioned on his YouTube videos about the negative effects of Extraction/Retraction, which he says he stopped doing around 30 years ago….

      There was a documentary made years ago, (60 mins AUS) where
      Aussie Orthodontist ‘Dr Derek Mahony’ mentioned Extractions often being unnecessary, and often the “easy option” for Orthodontists but not the best for patients….

      E.g that in the previous year, that he saw around 163 people seeking 2nd opinions, (told elsewhere they’d need the “4 on the Floor”) he said that him and his colleagues were able to treat all 163 without Extractions….

      He also mentioned how it’s important to prevent diagnose/intervene/treat issues in kids E.g 6-7 or 9, before all 28 (28/32) teeth erupt….

      But that unfortunately it’s easy to almost have an “orthodontic production-line” of patients coming in of around a certain age (often 12-14) get a certain number of teeth out (often 4 bicuspids/premolars) then get put through the “Orthodontic Process”

      And that many Orthodontists would often rather do a “14-yearold extraction-type case” rather than helping a younger kid grow more favorably….

      The journalist/presenter asked if patients’ welfare was being compromised,

      Dr Mahony said that he thinks that patient’s choice is certainly being denied, and that ultimately the patient’s end results aren’t as good as they could be….and that he was saddened for the Orthodontic Profession.

    1. @jinnie patil I hope everything is fine with u and it doesn’t hurt u that much + thank u i’ll do it for sure i know it’s worth it

  4. I’m kinda scared haha I’m going to have braces soon and my friend recently had her braces re-adjusted (i don’t know if that’s what really happened 😭) and she said it hurts

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